Oscar Nominated Films for 2013 (That I’ve Seen)

2013 Academy AwardsThe nominees for the 2013 Academy Awards were released today.  The Academy Awards air on February 24th.  As always, I have failed to see all the films nominated in time, (I try to see at least as many as the American ones that I think will be nominated as I can) but to no such avail.  I still have time; let’s see if I can come up with the funds.  Certain films I am surprised were nominated for their respected categories and certain deserving (like every year) were snubbed.

For the sake of my arguments and obvious reasons, I’m only going to discuss the movies I have seen that have been nominated regardless of category.  Those movies are: “Wreck-It Ralph” (including the short that played with it “Paperman,”) “The Avengers,” “Snow White and the Huntsman,” “Ted,” “Skyfall,” and “Lincoln.” 

I’ll start at the top and discuss Best Picture.  The only film nominated for Best Picture that I’ve seen is “Lincoln.”  To be blunt, I don’t think it’ll win Best Picture.  My reasons?  As beyond perfect as Daniel Day-Lewis was portraying our 16th president, and the other two actors nominated for best supporting rolls (Jones and Field respectively) it’s not enough to win you a Best Picture Oscar.  As I stated in my original review of the movie, it’s just talking heads for over two hours and no movie will win with a script and presentation like that.  Brilliantly attempted, but not quite on the mark.

Wreck-It-Ralph-gameBest Animated Film is going to “Wreck-It Ralph.”  No question.  You still want my reasons? Fine.  Pixar can do no wrong in the eyes of the Academy, and rightfully so.  “Wreck-It Ralph” is a wonderful story about self-acceptance and going through change along with other very adult and real-world problems that are masked behind adorable characters, ingenious references to video game nerds everywhere, and imaginative uses of serge protectors and extension chords as subway stations and lines respectively.

paperman-Sticking with animation just briefly, Best Animated Short will go to “Paperman.”  It’s another Pixar masterpiece.  The wonderful thing about this short that should really do nothing but inspire aspiring filmmakers and writers is that like all Pixar shorts there is no dialogue.  None.  It just focuses on character and character development.  It’s truly amazing how a 7 minute short can show characters more evolved than some real people I’ve met in my lifetime. A definite winner.


The Best Actor award will go to Daniel Day-Lewis for “Lincoln.”  He had me convinced the whole time I was watching it, that I was looking at the real Abraham Lincoln.  Despite there never existing a recording of his voice, I would close my eyes and HEAR Abraham Lincoln.  Originally Liam Neeson was supposed to play the role but dropped out, Spielberg had to beg Day-Lewis several times before he finally agreed… I’m so glad he finally did.

Best Supporting Actor and Actress nominees are also for “Lincoln” by way of Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field.  I don’t believe neither one will win.  Field, brilliant as her performance was, will likely lose to Anne Hathaway for “Les Miserables.”  Jones also did well but I feel was held back by the script too much to secure his win.

Despite also being nominated for Best Director, Spielberg will not be taking this one home.  I think that despite his genius as a filmmaker, the bar wasn’t set high enough considering his other works and the competition he has going against him this year.

The AvengersVisual Effects should and most likely will go to “The Avengers.”  Need I say more regarding that.

imgres-2“Everybody Needs A Best Friend” will win Best Original Song from the movie “Ted.”  Beautifully written by Seth MacFarlane and performed by Norah Jones.  MacFarlane is co-hosting the awards himself.  He’s gonna win.

“Snow White and The Huntsman” was garbage.  It doesn’t even deserve a picture on my post.  Nominated for Best Costume Design.  I don’t care.  The movie was utter garbage.

Skyfall - Adele“Skyfall” was an amazing movie whose opening song of the same name sung by Adele blew me away and I hope will win.  Adele is such a talented singer who doesn’t even have to try to sound so original and expressive in her music.

It is also shocking to me how there still DOES NOT EXIST a category for Best Fight Scene/Action Choreography.  These choreographers and actors work just as hard and as an actor, many times learning fight scenes etc. is pivotal to the character.  Please show me where I can file a petition and collect signatures for this because it is an outrage that such an award is not given.


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