My (and I can’t stress that enough) MY Top 10 Movies of All Time

Film ReelJust looking up at that title makes me nervous.  Me.  And I’m the one writing it!  Sometime last year I posted my Top 10 Video Games of All Time and within minutes I wanted to change, modify, and adjust the list.  I felt the same way after creating my Top 10 Simpson Episodes List.  When it comes to Top 10 Lists there seems to be a certain organized chaos I try to follow.

These movies on my list by the time I decide on a 10 are totally random in the case of genre, national origin, director, actors, year of release, awards, etc.  I know some of these films weren’t even nominated for an Oscar in any category, but I don’t care.  This is my list catered to my personal taste.  I’m sure I’ll get a lot of feedback-and that’s what I want-arguing why I didn’t put their favorite movie or how can I omit this movie or rank a certain movie so high or low… once again… my list based on my personal preferences.

The Last SamuraiRank: 10

Movie: “The Last Samurai”

Director: Edward Zwick

Year of Release: 2003

Synopsis/Breakdown: An American soldier is recruited to train the Japanese imperial army against an ancient Samurai clan.

Reason It Made My List: What I consider Tom Cruise’s best lead roll of his career to date (and yes that includes “Collateral.”)  This movie has some of the most beautiful cinematography I’ve ever seen along with characters you feel a deep connection with from the very start.  Ken Watanabe was nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and how he didn’t win is beyond me.  The ending is a little “overly Hollywood” for some, but don’t let it hold you back from getting sucked into the story.

Rank: 9

ClerksMovie: “Clerks”

Director: Kevin Smith

Year of Release: 1994

Synopsis/Breakdown: Two disgruntled convenient store clerks spend the day complaining about everyday life at dead-end jobs.

Reason It Made My List: “Clerks” is a must-watch for EVERY aspiring filmmaker and writer regardless of your genre preference.  Its simple storytelling and ultra cheap budget doesn’t hold it back one iota from creating immortalized characters, unforgettable dialogue, and not to mention some of the best nerd-themed “Star Wars” debates in all of mankind.

Rank: 8

AmelieMovie: “Amélie”

Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Year of Release: 2001

Synopsis/Breakdown: A painstakingly shy and socially awkward Parisian girl with her own sense of justice decides to help those she encounters in her everyday life.

Reason It Made My List: It’s amazingly creative description and narration with introducing characters along with extremely clever dialogue, beautiful cinematography, and music.  The movie gives every character a  brilliant backstory and goes into a lot of depth regardless of how much screen time they have.

Rank: 7

Juan of the DeadMovie: “Juan of the Dead”

Director: Alejandro Brugués

Year of Release: 2011

Synopsis/Breakdown: A hilarious but dark rehash of Romero’s masterpiece “Dawn of the Dead” set in present-day Cuba.

Reason It Made My List: First shown at the Miami International Film Festival, I have more of a personal connection with this film being the son of Cuban immigrants.  But “Juan of the Dead” finds a satirical angle (which is not easy to do) of existing under a dictatorship for over 50 years and gives a little-too-obvious symbolic suggestion and comparison of people under communist influence to zombies.

Rank: 6

El Laberinto del FaunoMovie: “El Laberinto del Fauno” (Pan’s Labyrinth)

Year of Release: 2006

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Synopsis/Breakdown: A grownup fairy tale about a young girl who escapes to a dark fantasy world while under the backdrop of The Spanish Civil War.

Reason It Made My List: Winner of 3 Academy Awards, a visual masterpiece with makeup and visual effects that will leave you astonished.  Some of the bravest and best actors most of you have probably never heard of suck you into the story and make it real no matter how fake it may appear or sound compared to the “real world.”

Rank: 5

MoonMovie: “Moon”

Direcor: Duncan Jones

Year of Release: 2009

Synopsis/Breakdown: A man working alone on a moon base for nearly three years is weeks away from going home until he makes a startling discovery and he starts to go mad.

Reason It Made My List: Sam Rockwell is literally all by himself in this movie and carries it from beginning to end showing his amazing range as an actor.  An independent film that was made “for cheap” that leaves you on the edge of your seat with a crazy twist that you won’t see coming.

Rank: 4

PrimosMovie: “Primos”

Director: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo

Year of Release: 2011

Synopsis/Breakdown: Three cousins return to their summer vacation spot from when they were kids after one of them is left at the alter.

Reason It Made My List: A HILARIOUS movie that is basically “The Hangover” from Spain has a trio of actors each with their idiosyncrasies that make them unforgettable, lovable, and awkward all at the same time.

Rank: 3

The Dark KnightMovie: “The Dark Knight”

Director: Christopher Nolan

Year of Release: 2008

Synopsis/Breakdown: Batman goes toe-to-toe with The Joker in Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning performance that is unmistakably the greatest comic book character interpretation ever!!

Reason It Made My List: If you were to make a video of just Heath Ledger’s scenes in this movie, it would still make my top-10 list, but Nolan’s interpretation of a realistic Gotham City and humanized characters make it one of the greatest comic film adaptations to date.  I’m also a little biased because of my absolute obsession with Batman.  Along with eerie one-liners from a posthumous Ledger and amazingly shot, this is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Rank: 2

Jurassic ParkMovie: “Jurassic Park”

Director: Stephen Spielberg

Year of Release: 1993

Synopsis/Breakdown: A humble billionaire (apparently there is such a thing) brings revered scientists to his private island filled with genetically cloned dinosaurs.

Reason It Made My List: Watching this movie is what made me want to make movies.  This is what did it.  Blame or thank this one.  With visual effects that will still more than just hold its own twenty years later, who would’ve thought a simple power outage during a theme park tour could cause such a chaotic disaster?

Rank: 1

The LadkyKillersMovie:  “The LadyKillers”

Director: The Cohen Brothers

Year of Release: 2004

Synopsis/Breakdown: A remake of the 1954 film of the same name; a band of misfit thieves who con an old woman into letting them use her basement to tunnel into and rob a riverboat casino.

Reason It Made My List: This movie is Tom Hanks’ best-kept secret.  “The LadyKillers” has a tremendous amount of symbolism with references to one of my favorite writers, Edgar Allan Poe.  A hilarious cast of characters with brilliant side stories and quirks that come into effect and play a huge roll that greatly impacts the plot.


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