I Moved to LA!!

Arriving in LAWhen I returned to Miami after finishing my Master’s in San Francisco, I knew that I was going to get back to California sooner than later.  Los Angeles is where I wanted to be because of obvious reasons.  I did the best I could from 3000 miles away; I got a lot of freelance and contract jobs writing.  Most of which were from the social media angle.  But none were anything close to film-related.

I actually had missed out on job opportunities in the past simply because I was stuck in Miami.  I was getting a lot of mixed signals and conflicting advice in regards as to how to look for a job out here.  Most friends suggested I put an LA address on my resume.  The problem with that was that even if I would get called, I’d have to come up with some crazy excuse as to why I would only be able to do phone interviews or if I did fly out there for the interview, there was no guarantee that I would actually get the job in the first place.

Car ArrivalSo I rounded up the last bit of my savings and my tax return and made it happen.  My girlfriend came with me and stayed the first week in a hotel.  Our first stress was picking up my car.  My dad helped me out with transferring my car cross-country.  We gave the driver a physical address-a residence-to drop off the car.  The driver calls me an hour before he’s scheduled to arrive only to tell me that he can’t take the car to that address.  “Fine,” I say, “I’m at this huge shopping center near the address I gave you.  There’s a huge parking lot here with plenty of room to unload the car; just come here.”  He tells me “no.”  Long story short, he pulled over on the side of the street a few blocks from where I was and had to go find him.  Then he got pissed at me for filming him taking my car down from his truck.

After my car arrived safely and we were able to return the rental, the next pivotal thing I had to take care of was find a place to live.  That’s right, I moved 3000 miles without a job AND without a set place.  I was actually worried I would have to live in my car for a while.  I searched a few places on craigslist and saw three places in total.  The first turned out to be pretty much a halfway house!  The price was right, but there were more rules and restrictions than the 12-year old me had to abide by.  The second place was in a very nice part of town in Studio City but the actual apartment was a disaster.  The two guys I met who lived there were a pole dancer and hair dresser respectively.

I don’t want to live with a pole dancer…

The following morning I came to this beautiful neighborhood in Valley Village and immediately fell in love with the neighborhood before I even walked inside.  The neighborhood had a soundtrack of several species of birds and the smell of several species of wildflowers.  Inside is a charming house with plenty of space for all my stuff.  All utilities were included and the price was right.

So for now… I’m home! 🙂 My New Neighborhood


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