Cosplay: The REAL Dark Side

Cosplay Noticecosplay psaTo all video game, movie, and comic book nerds alike: I beseech you for your attention.  I want to talk to you a little bit about Cosplay.  We all know what it is.  It’s so much fun.  It’s great.  It’s an excuse to go out in public with our homemade costumes (on days and nights other than Halloween) and embrace our nerdum.  Granted some of us don’t even need the excuse of Halloween or even conventions to dress in Cosplay, to which I bow to your bravery, dedication, and passion to an ideal or worst case scenario, a fictional character that inspires you in some way.  We even use Cosplay to introduce our kids to the interests that his/her mommy and daddy have.

Despite all the wonder and epic brilliance Cosplay is as an expression of our imagination and love for characters that we grew up with, but there is a dark side to it.  No pun intended.

Samus CosplayAbout fifteen years ago or so when the greater sex (women) came out and publicly revealed and embraced their nerdum with us, it gave hope for us all.  Hope that somewhere out there existed a girl-and not just any girl-but a GORGEOUS one that shared our passion for the same games, movies, and comic book characters.  It gave new meaning to the term “role-playing game.”  However it is very important to understand that Cosplay ≠ Consent!

The problem, however, also lies in those  morons who completely humiliate, mock, insult, and belittle those girls who for whatever reason may not “look the part” because they might be a little on the heavy side.  This is where I have a big problem and where we all as proud nerds need to fix.

And to fix this is something so much easier than remembering where the whistles are in Super Mario Bros. 3 or the God Code for Contra; all you have to do is show some respect.  Unfortunately the problem has gotten so bad that certain convention organizers are considering banning Cosplay altogether.  Would you want that to happen?  It’s simple, people.  Be respectful.  And for the record, I think any person caught disrespecting people (men or women) like this should be immediately escorted out and then banned from any convention under the same sponsorships that year AND THE FOLLOWING!  If the offense happens again (because sadly, people are that stupid) ban them for life.

No one should be nervous or ashamed of showing pride for what makes them happy.


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