The Simpsons VS. The Griffins

slideshow_simpsonsfeudIT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!!  Every Simpsons fan has waited for this day.  Every Family Guy fan has waited for this day.  I bet you even every Simpsons and Family Guy hater has waited for this day.  The day when the inevitable is announced that Evergreen Terrace will collide with Spooner Street in a crossover episode on a Sunday Night Animation Domination Block on Fox.  The episode won’t air until Fall of 2014!!  Damn… So we got time to wait this one out and speculate.  Will Homer take the place of the giant chicken?  Will Marge and Lois bond over housewife “extracurricular” activities?  Will Lisa and Brian be involved in a cross-species love affair?  (We can see that happening, right?)  Only time will tell but I am very excited about this episode finally happening.  Hopefully it will be at least a 60 minute episode full of mixed humor.  I wouldn’t mind if some of the original Simpsons writers came back for this one like Conan O’Brien or Brad Bird.  You can see the original article that broke the story here.Homer vs. Peter


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