The Simpsons and Futurama Crossover Episode Announced!!

simpsons-futurama-crossover-postJust a few days ago we hear that The Simpsons will have a crossover episode with Family Guy, the god-like panel made up of Al Jean and Matt Groening at Comic-Con just revealed that The Simpsons will do a crossover episode with Futurama!!  How freaking sweet is that?  The Groening-created characters will crossover either during the season finale of The Simpsons 25th season (which is this coming season) in May 2014 or the season premiere of season 26 in Fall of 2014 (around the same time as the Family Guy crossover is scheduled to air.)  

I recently read a great article posted by IGN about The 25 Greatest Animated Shows for Adults and the three shows placed in the top ten.  Check out the article to see the full list and where they placed.  Time will tell which crossover episode will be better-received by the audience and critics.  I can’t decide which show I’m more interested in seeing.  I am very curious to see how the humor and writing style will transition on the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover but I can’t help but be tremendously excited to see two unique and genius universes created by Groening be forged together.  How will this episode play out?  Will the Planet Express Ship crew from NNY get caught in a black hole that transforms them into Springfield?  Will Bart consider Fry to be his future self?  I want Barney and Hermes to fight to the death.  Will Grandpa Simpsons argue with the Professor over which was the best World War?  2 or 5?  Will Bender make Moe a billionaire?  What do you think?  What ideas would you have for a storyline for the crossover episode? 

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