Ninja Turtle Sighting??

April and Raphael??Apparently the public wants what it wants.  I’m going to break my own rule and keep talking about this on my page because it’s just too funny not to.  I found this photo online the other day showing Megan Fox (April O’Neal) on the set of TMNT.  Try to ignore her toe thumbs for now.  Notice the pair of sais she has on her boots.  Now look at the curious overgrown figure that looks like he’s out of a Sin City graphic novel. (We could be so lucky if Zack Snider were behind all this.)  Is this April O’Neal with Raphael?

Clearly Michael Bay is trying to conceal what his turtles will look like but it gets me thinking.  Not even a month ago we saw pictures of the actors in full motion-capture suits that had giant Life Savers on their backs and were the color of wet cement.  Is this suggesting that there were costumes made ON TOP OF having mo-cap suits?  What are you hiding, Michael Bay?

Please do us all a favor and you will spare my childhood and restore my faith in humanity: bow out, give the money back, and plot your inevitable Transformers 5 abomination.  Then get I will beg and pray for Guillermo del Toro to take on this project and start from scratch. I will gladly wait an extra year or even two if this can happen.

That is all… for now.

mo-cap turtles


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