“Ripper” Placed in Top 15 % at Nicholl Fellowship!! Concept Posters REVEALED!!

"Ripper" Concept Poster 1

“Ripper” Concept Poster 1

I could really use some good news and I actually got some the other day.  My feature script “Ripper” which I have been writing since my Senior Year of High School (That’s eleven years!!!) placed in the top 15% at The Nicholl Fellowship!  For those of you who don’t know, The Nicholl Fellowship is the  screenwriting festival sponsored and run by The Academy Awards!  Unfortunately my script barely missed the final round, but it certainly put me in good spirits and re-assured me that I must be doing something right.

“Ripper” Concept Poster 2

On a coincidental note, Megan Koop my photographer friend, was working on movie poster concepts for “Ripper” at around the same time I received the news from The Nicholl Fellowship.  Megan’s talent with a camera should not go unrecognized.  Also check out her blog and 4ormat.

These concept posters show the female lead, Rose.  She is a harlot desperately trying to avoid becoming the next victim of Jack the Ripper.

I would like to thank everyone else involved that made this possible.

Hair and Make Up Artist: Kristen Viland
Stylist: Nikki Lopez
I’ve also been trying for sometime now to continue with the promotion of this film by creating a graphic novel adaptation of the film (at least the opening scene.)  So if anyone reading this is an illustrator or graphic artist that wants to help me out, drop me a line.
Let me know what you all think!

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