“A Thousand Words” Concept Poster

"A Thousand Words" Concept PosterIn the spirit and excitement of the wonderful “Ripper” Concept Posters provided by Megan Koop, I wanted to share another concept poster that was created years ago and I think has been long forgotten.

“A Thousand Words” is what I consider “my baby.”  It won the Miami International Film Festival Screenwriting Contest back in 2011 when I was only months removed from Graduate School.  It started out as a short story that has evolved I believe unlike any of my previous works to date over a course of a decade.  I actually remember how I came up with the concept and plot for the story.

During my days as an Undergrad student at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, I -like many other Miami residents my age- continued to live at home while working and studying.  I’m sure many of you may knock that.  Hell, so did I when I was living it.  But looking back: living rent-free, free food, laundry facility walking adjacent and no quarters required.

But I digress.

One day as I was organizing my room (which an OCD person like me was doing regularly) and came across some old photos from my High School days.  There was a big group shot with me standing on one end and on the other end was my girlfriend at the time whom I hadn’t even been formally introduced to until my second year of college.

A picture is worth…


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