In a World…

In A WorldHow many of you go out to a movie and always try to get there extra early?  Not because you want to make sure you get a good seat (although that’s important also) and not because you want to make sure you’re able to get tickets (this is vital) but because you’re one of those people who can’t miss the previews?


Have you ever thought about those people (or that person up until 2008) who was the voice behind those trailers?  They all started , “In a Word…”Many of you may not know his name, but everyone knew his voice.  Don LaFontaine was the godfather of voice-over work being the voice behind virtually every movie trailer you would see in the movies until his death in 2008.  Or maybe you remember this commercial: 

“In a World” is the story of Carol Soloman, the daughter of another renowned voice actor.  She works in the industry as a quirky vocal coach who yearns for a breakout opportunity.  When word spreads of an epic “quadrilogy” being made and the producers bringing back the coined phrase “In a World” for the first time in a movie trailer since LaFontaine’s death, Carol, her father, and a young rising star in the voice-over industry all are chomping at the bit for the opportunity.

In A World... cast“In a World” was the winner of the Sundance Film Festival for Best Screenplay.  It’s hilarious one-liners, adorable characters, and subtle plot twist that is experienced more by the characters instead of the audience brings a hilarious yet incredibly accurate peak into the world of voice-over actors.  I loved how each character in this movie had a very unique and sometimes recognizable voice that we’ve all heard or wished we sounded like at one point or another.

Appropriately opening with a collection of clips edited into a mini 3-minute documentary about LaFontaine’s life and career, “In A World…” is definitely a hysterical look into a very otherwise unknown (and sometimes disrespected) profession in the industry that shouldn’t be missed.  Check your local theaters to see if it’s screening anywhere near you and if not, wait for it to start streaming on cable or the DVD release, it’ll be worth it.


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