The 50 Greatest Actors Alive: #48 – Joaquin Phoenix

d57fd863-c842-4c50-b3c5-2920f99349bc_joaquinI think I have already reached my first official disagreement to the point of outrage. That being said, it possibly could be his own fault according to “Hollywood Etiquette.”

Thought: “Hollywood Etiquette” is the most oxymoronic concept I’ve ever written in my history as a writer.

Moving On…

Joaquin Phoenix has portrayed characters that demanded him to show his tremendous acting range. I personally think he was robbed from the Oscar portraying musical legend Johnny Cash in “Walk The Line.” He also terrified us all in his role as Commodus in “Gladiator.” I also remember him as the extremely shy yet creepy Lucius Hunt in “The Village.”

The brother of the late great River Phoenix, Joaquin clearly comes from a very artistic pedigree. He took a hiatus from acting and it resulted in an amazing and under-appreciated documentary “I’m Still Here” which documents his transformation into trying to make it as a rapper.

Recently I saw “Her” where he plays an expressive introvert who falls in love with his computer. He carried the film being in every single scene, many times alone just talking. I am outraged even more now because Joaquin WASN’T EVEN NOMINATED for Best Actor thinking he was a shoe-in for the award. He WAS the movie!

Joaquin Phoenix has been nominated for 3 Oscars. He is yet to win one.

I know this is a short review because there are still a lot of his films I haven’t seen, but from what I have seen, I believe that he should be ranked MUCH HIGHER than 48. Let’s see how the rest of the list plays out.


2 thoughts on “The 50 Greatest Actors Alive: #48 – Joaquin Phoenix

  1. I have been looking for this full list of 50 greatest actors alive but it only goes as far as # 50 – # 45, and I have to agree with you fully on Joaquin Phoenix. He was completely robbed in his portrayal of Johnny Cash. First let me comment on the drug addict and now overdosed/dead and stupid Philip S. Hoffman, because anyone can play a gay person and that role of the writer, which beat out Phoenix, who had to learn how to act, sing, and play guitar like Cash. He was remarkable. I also recall around the same time another movie was made about the gay writer, who’s name eludes me at the present time and was played by a different actor. Phoenix as Commodus was a chilling performance. But you give those tight knit liberals in Hollywood a little rope and they always go for the same old same old. Enough said, after his loss I quit watching the Academy Awards.

    • A couple of things:

      First: They’re releasing the names one week at a time for the remainder of the calendar year. So that’s why they’ve only released as many as they have. They’re not releasing them all at once, which I guess I understand, but I could probably argue why it would be helpful to release the whole list at the same time as well.

      Second: I was upset over Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar snub, but NOT BECAUSE he lost to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I should have mentioned this in my original post, compared to what Jaime Foxx did in his transformation to play Ray Charles in “Ray” the previous year, it doesn’t even come close. Foxx was from the beginning a talented musician and singer. He has had a musical background his entire life and only sang the songs himself during the early stages of Ray Charles’s life. The others were lip-synched to Ray singing, himself. Politically-driven to give Foxx the Oscar? Perhaps. But also remember that Ray Charles had died right after production finished. And when an actor or person that inspired a bio flick dies, the Oscar usually goes to that actor by default. (Look at Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight.”)

      Philip Seymour Hoffman’s portrayal as Truman “Capote” (which beat out Joaquin Phoenix that year,) or as you call him, “the gay person,” truly transformed himself into the role. Yes, Joaquin Phoenix did the same for “Walk The Line,” but there are a lot of other things that have to go into consideration when a winner is selected-or even decided to be nominated-which would probably go over your head. It’s not just because it was “a gay person” role.

      Philip Seymour was an extremely talented actor with lots of memorable roles under his belt. Had he still been alive, I could easily see him cracking the top half of this list. Yes it is a shame that he died of a drug overdose, and yes drugs are bad, and all that other crap we learned back in the 4th grade, but to call him “stupid” was uncalled for, disrespectful, and out of line. How dare you?

      I’ve always been open-minded to my readers opinions about roles actors portray, but without any real argument other than just saying “anyone can play the gay person” and “stupid” for dying…

      I’m embarrassed for you…

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