The 50 Greatest Actors Alive: #46 – Forest Whitaker

b3934b30-98c9-11e3-af57-731dda5c5013_forestOnce again I find myself in a bit of a bind. Undoubtedly deserving to be on this list, just unsure as to where he would go because I haven’t seen a majority of his best roles; including “The Last King of Scotland” where he won the Oscar for best actor. But it wasn’t until many years after he became a household name that I saw him in one of my guilty pleasure movies playing a bit part in “Bloodsport” which released in 1988. I know it wasn’t even his first film, so it’s safe to say that Forest has worked his way up in Hollywood-and deservingly so. His role in “The Butler” was very respectable even though it didn’t award him any Oscar nominations, though the film did receive many SAG nominations, including Forest playing the lead role.

I barely remember him as Captain Ramey (and forgive me that I even forgot he was in the film) in the trippy hostage film “Phone Booth.” He has well before-and since-been in a plethora of films ranging from respectable to great, but something is just missing for me that is probably just personal taste.


Again, I still haven’t seen his award-winning performance in “The Last King of Scotland” from 2006 but being that it was the only Oscar nomination he has even received to date, it is still early and there are possibilities for him to be given another life-altering role; it just all depends as to how choosy or lucky he his about the roles offered to him.



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