The 50 Greatest Living Actors: #44 – Viola Davis

9e5906c0-a48f-11e3-862b-d9214359e9d1_violaI don’t see how this makes any sense. This is straight up BS! Though relatively new to the Hollywood scene, I honestly saw Viola Davis breaking the top 20; maybe even the top 15! This further supports my theory from previous articles regarding this list, that it is this list is categorized based on box-office gross more than sheer talent. Viola Davis is AMAZING!

Nominated for two Academy Awards already in a relatively young career, one of which was in a movie where she was only in one scene! You heard right; her role as Mrs. Miller in the extremely controversial-yet culturally relevant-“Doubt,” landed her an Oscar nod for just one scene. Check this out:


Let’s also not forget her wonderful and real performance as Aibileen Clark in “The Help.”

I believe she has already earned the respect and right to be as selective as she wants with her roles. This might be a little cruel, but I believe her performance in “Prisoners” was held back by Terrence Howard in every scene she was in. This is something that more experience actors deal with regularly. I’ll make this short and sweet: Viola Davis is a powerhouse talent who-I believe-can act circles around virtually every pretty face in Hollywood. Be on the lookout for her if you haven’t noticed her yet. I predict she will win her first Academy Award in the very near future.


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