Splinter Revealed! (Sort Of)

_1397444333More and more posters and footage are rapidly coming out of the woodwork since the March 28 premiere of the teaser trailer online. As expected there’s been an avalanche of hate, memes, and rumors spreading like wildfire regarding the film and it’s August 9 planned release. The first  I heard was actually almost believable because of an Instagram post by Alan Ritchson prepping for re-shoots right after the trailer premiered. Angry fans were hopeful that once again Michael Bay was succumbing to the fans once again like after the script leak.983626_10154000771850177_2036245239554833379_n

If only…

10175968_672703779433986_556904746_nIt was reasonably explained that the reason for so many re-shoots was because of Megan Fox and the fact that she was pregnant and gave birth during production. Well now a new 30 seconds of video (about 8 of them not from the original teaser) was released showing (barely) and hearing Master Splinter. In case you didn’t know, Splinter is being voiced by Tony Shalhoub who is best known for his role in “Monk” or if you’re my age or older, you probably remember him best from his role on “Wings.” T-minus 116 days till premiere.

Here’s the video.


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