The Official Nintendo GameBoy Turns 25!

10270514_805861919433736_7009650771988781974_nOn this glorious day-which also happens to be my sister’s birthday-the first and official Nintendo GameBoy made its debut (in Japan.) About five and half years after the release of the first and official Nintendo Entertainment System. The GameBoy originally came bundled with Tetris, the puzzle game that has since been re-hashed and copied countless times. Those of you who were around for the first generation hand-held probably referred to it as “the brick.” It has since gone countless makeovers making them transparent, pocket-size, flip, backlit, in color, and has since evolved with the times.

So thank you GameBoy for making family road trips more bearable. You kept Duracell and Energizer batteries in high demand. I nearly went blind by the time I was seven thanks to you. Well done, GameBoy.


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