My (and I can’t stress that enough) MY Top 10 Video Games That I Want To Play In My Lifetime

grand-theft-otto-the-simpsonsgta-mashup-art-series-previewI seem to really enjoy daydreaming and fantasizing regarding what could be, should be, and/or what I hope to be regarding my gaming preferences. I actually thought of this just now as I was reading though an article on IGN about the most anticipated (possible) worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. You can read that here, but I wanted to focus more on satisfying all my nerdy desires in my mind. So if you’re a developer, graphic designer, programmer, or anybody in the Game Design Industry that can actually push for any of these, please let me know. I am available for hire to write up any and all of these concept gaming scripts. It doesn’t matter to me what systems or iOS they’re released on. If you can make it happen, I’ll make sure I’ll have the means to play it.




10. Futurama: Tapped Out – Inspired by the amazing and ever-so-addicting Simpsons: Tapped Out on iOS. If you’re not familiar with the game, you can read my review, but in a nutshell, Homer causes a meltdown and vaporizes Springfield. You need to rebuild it from scratch, find all the citizens, and re-establish a “civilized” Springfield. Now why can’t we have something like that for Futurama? It’d be beyond perfect. One of Professor Farnsworth’s Doomsday Devices go off and destroys New New York, or the whole universe! Why not try to rebuild it?


indiana-jones1_1444563c9. Indiana Jones (in the style of the latest Tomb Raider)- I have a review up for the inspiration behind this one, too. Imagine the potential to completely re-hash this franchise for the video game world. I can imagine the game opening with a young Indy-an eager and brilliant archeology doctoral candidate-exploring some newly discovered ruin that’s littered with booby traps and… SNAKES. Especially if created by Square Enix, the possibilities and potential are endless.




grand-theft-otto-the-simpsonsgta-mashup-art-series-header8. The Simpsons Road Rage 2: Grand Theft Otto- I don’t know how this game didn’t get more respect or love from the fans. A complete spoof and albeit flawed mesh of the Crazy Taxi and Grand Theft Auto franchise. I would take the best elements from “The Simpsons Game” and “The Simpsons Road Rage” games and combine them into one glorious game with hilarious and monumental potential. Imagine having complete control of Homer (or any other Simpsons character) in a complete free-roaming world. If we can combine some of the original writers of the show along with Quantic Dream, (the developers of “Heavy Rain”) IMAGINE THE ENDLESS HILARIOUS POSSIBILITIES!!!



tumblr_m3udi3yYKt1qblk80o1_5007. Assassin’s Creed set in feudal Japan- This game is most likely going to happen-if not already secretly in the works. No further explanation needed here, since Desmond Miles is able to claim heritage from all over the known world, why not have one of his ancestors be the ruler of a samurai clan at war with ninjas? I have reviews up for Assassin’s Creed 2 and Assassin’s Creed 3.




hd-wallpapers-war-wallpaper-star-wars-game-1680x1050-wallpaper6. Star Wars (in the style of Elder’s Scroll IV: Oblivion)- Please let this happen. Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic was a tremendous milestone and a valiant effort-at worst; truly an amazing game. I wanna create my own character in the likeness, race, and style of my choosing. I want to be able to tailor his/her fighting style based on XP and upgrades. Do you want to use The Force or your lightsaber more? Let’s make that BIGGER, BIGGER, BIGGER!!


tron15. The Sims: Hollywood- Apparently this already exists, but as an expansion for The Sims 3. EA, can you get on that and just give us a much more detailed and intricate version of that with updated graphics, please? I wanna be able to simulate the whole experience of being a struggling actor, screenwriter, producer, director, etc. and all the failures and stress that comes with it in a simulated world as well as the real one. Because I’m that much of a masochist…



TMNT_1-640x4174. Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Let’s face it, you knew something TMNT-related was coming. The Lego video game collection are all great! Not good, great! They do the franchises right with relatable and proper humor and references. I’m confident that if/when Lego jumps on this franchise, it’ll likely be better than what Michael Bay has waiting for us in August.



url3. A Hyper Real Super Mario Bros.- Will Nintendo ever make a Super Mario Bros. game that looks like that? Please, Nintendo…





1911740_480079585426887_1764549818968457863_n2. Batman: Jokers Wild- Rocksteady has created a franchise that is second-to-none when it comes to comic book video game adaptations. Much like Batman: Arkham Origins (which was NOT made by Rocksteady) gave it a good college try regarding a Batman Origin game, I would love to see Rocksteady try to make an origins game where Joker is the main playable character. How would that work? Start out as a nameless, faceless, struggling stand-up comedian and do favors for the mob just to be able to survive. Make it kinda like Fable where the decisions you make could seriously effect the outcome of the game as far as how evil you become how quickly. The final boss of the game? Who else other than The Dark Knight himself?


banner-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-david-rapoza-TMNT-11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (made by Rocksteady and by Rocksteady I mean the developer and not the Rhino-Human hybrid)- Yes I’m a prisoner of the moment and a child of the 80s, so sue me! But how freaking awesome would this be? You navigate through the sewers and streets of NY, you have to stay in the cover of night when you hit the streets. “Ninja Vanish!” And here’s the kicker-if you could make it work in the storyline-you make it MULTI-PLAYER! The Predator Rooms from the Batman games in a TMNT title could have a plethora of group take-downs, un-lockable upgrades and more! OMG, CAN ROCKSTEADY PLEASE DO THIS???

Got any games you wanna play that don’t exist yet? Let me know. Remember: Sharing is Caring.


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