E3 2014

E3-2014E3 2014 is in full force here in Los Angeles and I, for one, am getting more excited than I’ve ever been in a long time. With next-gen consoles now in full force and no more speculations or rumor filtering to sift through about the systems themselves, we can now go into what makes the consoles worth it (or not) to the typical gamer: THE GAMES!

Several major announcements, intro videos, gameplay trailers, and updates have been officially reported and I’m here to tell you about them-and specifically-the ones I’m personally most excited for.

imagesAssassin’s Creed Unity: You gotta give it up to the developers at Ubisoft. These people pump out great games yearly and this franchise has been their most recent cash cow. Taking place during the French Revolution, it hasn’t been made clear yet if we are still yet dealing with the direct ancestors of Desmond Miles, but one thing is for certain: this game will have online multi-player in the story mode for the first time in the franchise! This is something that has been long awaited and speculated with previous AC titles, but now it’s going to be done right on the X-Box One and PS4.

urlFarCry 4: I’m not much of an FPS guy, but when you include a storyline and characters like this, how can you pass it up? From the opening trailer alone, you can see once again some spectacular voice acting, a chilling story, beautifully rendered landscapes, and now with access to elephants! From what was revealed, the story takes place in this fictional country near The Himalayas called Kyrat and the main villain is named Pagan Min.



images-1Mortal Kombat X: The teaser trailer for this was actually released a few days before E3 and naturally everyone ate it up. I saw Scorpion and Sub-Zero again in battle and using the environment to perform X-Ray attacks! Now, a trailer was just released revealing two new characters. One of which is a girl who controls swarms of wasps which kind of reminds me of the Bird Lady Tony Jaa fought in Ong-Bak 2.

tomb-raider-xbox-one-640x354Rise of The Tomb Raider: The highly-anticipated sequel to the 2013 re-invented franchise has been officially announced and I couldn’t be happier. With the looks of a really layered story and flawed characters in a way that looks captivating and enticing.



468px-BatfourBatman Arkham Knight: One of the most anticipated games of the year was actually delayed until next year and despite my sadness about this fact, I have no formal objection to this news. The reason being? With Rocksteady taking control of the reigns once again and bringing back Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman, along with their stellar track record, there is no concern to be voiced. Believed to take place about two years after the events during “Arkham City,” you can now drive and battle with the Batmobile, have The Oracle as your guide, and much more rumor circulating based on the revealed gameplay.

On that note, I had been contemplating which next-gen system to upgrade to after their announcement. I have gone from Playstation One to Playstation 2 and X Box simultaneously, to X Box 360, and now I am pretty much decided I will return to the Playstation 4 unless someone can give me valid arguments to purchase an XBox One.


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