UHMC: Alfred Origin Film

Alfred_Pennyworth_018With the highly-anticipated “Gotham” series coming to Fox this Fall, the Batman franchise is being re-imagined once again in a healthy and innovative way, and it got me thinking. Much like I suggested a Joker origin video game, I wondered what it would be like to have an origin film based on Bruce Wayne’s most loyal and trusted confidant, Alfred Pennyworth. If anyone deserves an origin story in the DC universe, it’s certainly him. Much like Joker’s origin, there’s lots of fuzzy details as to how Alfred came to work for the Wayne family. I’ve actually started writing a script with my take on it which I hope to film later this year.

Unlike what I believe “Gotham” is going to do of starting the story with Bruce Wayne as a child, my story would start with Alfred as a young man; a rookie agent at Interpol. I’m about to tell you what is known as fact about Alfred Pennyworth, and which actor(s) should play him in a pseudo bio-pic.

Benedict_CumberbatchAlfred Pennyworth/Benedict Cumberbatch: Revered and classically-trained actor, Benedict Cumberbatch has almost overnight become a household name with his array of successful performances such as the TV series “Sherlock” and film roles such as, “The Hobbit,” “Star Trek: Into Darkness,” and “August Osage County.” Given the right script, he will undoubtedly nail the role. Initially I was going to suggest multiple actors just for the sake of his aging and the timeline of the script, but on second thought, sprinkle some grey hair and age lines on him in the makeup chair and he will be flawless throughout. He possesses the range, versatility, and “bad-ass with class” charisma that would be demanded of the role.




Question_markYoung Bruce Wayne (Approx. 9 Years Old)/Unknown: If only Haley Joel Osmond from “The Sixth Sense” could have stayed that age forever. I can’t think of any child actor right now who would successfully pull this off for more than one or two scenes. This is where casting agents must search far and wide to find the perfect child to be the heir to the Wayne fortune and eventual Dark Knight.  I’m going to refrain from suggesting David Mazouz (who will be playing young Bruce in the “Gotham” series) until I see his performance.

There are so many endless possibilities as to where I could take this story, I don’t even wanna think about who else to cast; maybe it wouldn’t even be worth casting anyone else known in this DC universe. Cumberbatch would carry the film from beginning to end.


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