LeBatard on LeBron: The Decision Part 2

imgresThere’s something really captivating and interesting about Dan LeBatard and his nationally syndicated show on ESPN radio and locally in Miami, Florida on 790 The Ticket. I’ve mentioned it before in a previous post about how he cares more about the sociology of sports than the stat sheet. It’s something I, as a math idiot, find very welcoming. While some of the biggest names in ESPN such as Stephen A. Smith and Chris Broussard have spent the last few weeks waiting, speculating, hypothesizing, stating their “gut feelings” and maybe even starting some rumors of their own that have been circulating ever since the Miami Heat were picked apart by the San Antonio Spurs during the NBA Finals, LeBatard has just sat back and looked at the whole thing from the outside. He brings forth a perspective that is (along with the help of Bomani Jones, Stugotz, and Mike Ryan) insightful and extremely entertaining.

LeBatard certainly isn’t a blind hopeful by any stretch; he’s a realist. If LeBron decides to return to Cleveland (or go anywhere else,) instead of being angry, he’s simply looking at the last four years as a time we (as Miami Heat fans) should all be grateful for. I mean, think about it: two NBA titles in the last four years and all four of those years the Heat make it to the NBA Finals. How can anybody be mad at that? Maybe like some of the haters and idiots that text the show calling Dan an apologist, you may think the same about me and that I’m just overcompensating and hiding some kind of closet rage for LeBron leaving if he choses to do so. (In fact, I got my twitter feed open because the decision could be made before I get this published.) But the reality of it is, my only regret was that I was unable to see LeBron play in person at the AAA.

I think it’s hilarious how Cleveland fans and even the owner of the Cavs, Dan Gilbert, is behaving throughout all this. When LeBron left the Cavs four years ago, Gilbert issued an open letter to the Cleveland hopeful saying some very immature and extremely unprofessional words that were downright racist regarding LeBron’s departure. And how ironic and hilarious do you find it that this very letter was still posted all this time on the Cavs official website until three days ago… and then to have Cavs reps come out and say that they had forgotten it was posted on their site all this time… don’t make me laugh! People in Cleveland are already camped out his home in his hometown of Arkon, OH, where he spends every off-season. They even started printing shirts that say “Forgiven” with his number 6 as the “G.” https---web_archive_org-web-20140706124122-http---www_nba_com-cavaliers-news-gilbert_letter_100708_html-page-002-1

If LeBron decides to let bygones be bygones and return to Cleveland, like LeBatard, I won’t be sulky. I won’t even be mad. The Michael Jordan of my generation-not only did I get to see him play-but he played on my team and won his first two titles with them. He also performed what is the greatest alley-oop dunk caught on still photography. Sure, I want him to stay, but if he doesn’t, let me be the first to officially say, “Thank you, LeBron. You’ve given my friends and I many nights of ‘I don’t believe what I just saw’ moments.” Whether you wear a Heat jersey or not next year, and even for years to come, I’ll still cheer for you one way or another. tumblr_mwc922a8Il1qdi785o1_1280

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