How The NFL Could Potentially Die

feature.nfl_.shield.640x360So the NFL is truly in a delicate state right now. I’ve been trying to listen and watch from afar trying to dissect every bit of information that has been reported, leaked, and/or otherwise made public. It’s been very jarring. It’s been very disturbing. It’s been very difficult to comprehend. I’m not talking about the sudden flooding of reports of players being accused/indicted/charged with domestic violence and child abuse. That’s not difficult to comprehend. Or how the NFL is playing wannabe CIA cover-up. That’s just stupid. More importantly, my issue is that of head injuries that result in CTE and/or other horrible tragedies as a byproduct of CTE. I’m not going to go into specifics on injuries or brain tissue or anything like that. I’m not a doctor. I’m not anywhere near it, so I won’t even try. What I do want to ask as an open-ended question is the following:

In a pseudo-dystopian world, what would have to happen for the NFL to completely disband?

That is, put a complete stop to all games, practices, and other football-related activities. What would have to happen for the adoring public of this gladiator sport (and I’m not discounting myself) to truly want to be selfless and stop watching these gladiators that slowly and literally barricade themselves into madness?


While Dan LeBatard is getting eaten alive by testosterone-filled morons on his show, he brings up an interesting point. Up until very recently, the NFL refused to publicly establish a connection between concussions, CTE, and football. When they did, they tried to sweep it under the rug with a $760 million dollar settlement-while at the same time-stating that football had nothing to do with these types of injuries. We have more data now than ever, we have more education now than ever, but sadly we also show more ignorance now than ever. The alcohol and tobacco industries were in a similar boat just a few years ago. People were finally accepting the connection between smoking and certain types of cancer and alcohol with certain birth defects. But they’re still going strong for better or worse.

EDIT04x-largeBut back to my initial question about what the NFL would have to do. Some are saying that someone has to die in order to get a substantial change started. Well, that already happened. On the practice field, mind you, but it’s already happened. We’ve also seen career-ending injuries on game day lots of times. People becoming paralyzed-albeit few and far between-but it happens. So what has to happen?

Personally, (and not saying that I wish this on anyone) it would require one of our most beloved players (likely a quarterback) to die, instantly, on the field, on a Super Bowl Sunday for the world to see. And it has to happen in the most violent way possible. We would have to have bone chips sticking out of their neck, possibly the head facing the wrong direction. Again, not that I’m wishing this on anyone, but if it did happen… would that cause the NFL to shut down right then and there… much less bring about any significant change? Do you have any ideas as to how to fix this? Or do you think that nothing needs fixing? Let me know.


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