Gone Girl

Gone-Girl-2014-film-posterI’m always weary of adaptations. Granted a large number of films come as some form of adaptation or inspiration based on a previous work. Many times, several layers of original works are used to create an “original adaptation.” I haven’t read the book, Gone Girl, but from what I understand (and this should not be spoiler alert) the movie ends differently from the book.

Gone Girl is the story of Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) whose wife (Rosamund Pike) suddenly disappears in a midwestern town on the day of their five-year anniversary. Before long, Nick is considered the prime suspect and turns into the town (and national) pariah. From the very beginning of this very long movie, all the evidence makes it look like Nick had something to do with his wife’s disappearance, and no matter how bad it looks for Nick, you still kinda want to believe him, which is exactly what the director intended. The script for this movie was magnificent. The structure of the scenes and how the director (David Fincher) and screenwriter/novelist (Gillian Flynn) was constantly showing and not just telling made the entire film compelling and on the edge of your seat.

Despite my praises about the movie (and well-deserved that they are,) I believe that this movie won’t be winning any Academy Awards. At least certainly not for any artistic categories. Maybe, just maybe it’ll be nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay or Best Editing, but I highly doubt it would win. That’s not to say that the acting was bad. Quite the contrary. I was very impressed with two roles, particularly. Carrie Coon who plays Affleck’s sister in her feature film debut and Tyler Perry playing the hot-shot defense attorney, Tanner Bolt. I know I sound like I’m contradicting myself, but I’m just going with my gut on this one.

Gone Girl is a movie that requires your undivided attention throughout the entire 2.5 hours plus, and you’ll be thoroughly rewarded for doing so. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery full of twists and turns you’ll never see coming. I must warn you though, it’s not for the squeamish.


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