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This is normally how it works:

I go see a movie (or film.)

I come home.

I write about said movie (or film.)

Interstellar for me was neither movie nor film.

From the opening scene, no scratch that…

At the first frame, I was there. There were no opening credits whatsoever; just the title and that was it. I was there.  An hour removed from its three hour running time and I’m still there. This is a story of a terrifying real-world prediction that I often fear is closer to coming true than most of us would like to believe; and this is a story of what infinite lengths we go through to try to save ourselves from our own self-inflicting demise.

Our planet is dying. It’s rotting away because of… well pick your poison. Literally.

I really don’t know what else to say…

For me, this wasn’t a movie. This wasn’t a film. This was a life-altering experience. One that I want to experience again. And again. And again.


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