Suicide Squad Cast Revealed

suicide_squad___logo_by_mrsteiners-d70de8sEarlier today while at work, my friends send me a text with confirmation to the ever-circulating rumor that Jared Leto has been cast as The Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie which premieres August 5, 2016. So we all gotta wait over a year and a half for this one. In addition, the rest of the cast has been revealed along with one roll yet to be filled with a few huge names rumored to be attached to it.


Jared-Leto-New-Movie-Joker-RumorJared Leto/Joker: This will obviously be the most talked about actor/character as more information and eventual screenshots are revealed. It’s still extremely early, but I haven’t heard any shouts to the heavens in protest like we all did when Heath Ledger was first revealed as Joker in Christopher Nolan’s adaptation. It should be noted that Suicide Squad will be written and directed by David Ayer.¬†For those of you who don’t recognize that name…”Fury,” “End of Watch,” “Training Day.” Leto has certainly solidified his status as a character even when the camera isn’t rolling. His latest role as Rayon in “Dallas Buyer’s Club” won him his first Oscar. I think this was an extremely difficult choice to make, but with the passings of Heath Ledger and Robin Williams, this is probably the best option available.

Arkham-City-Deadshot-will-smith-suicide-squadWill Smith/Deadshot: I’m waiting for the purists and the racists and the racists purists to start complaining about this one. Deadshot was always White in comics and previous animated films. My problem wasn’t that they cast a Black man for the roll, my problem is that they cast Will Smith. There, I said it. Will Smith was the sitcom and summer blockbuster poster child of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. But, what has he really done in the last few years? “After Earth?” I hope to be proven wrong on this one, but I don’t see Smith being able to deliver on this kind of character. Kudos on his Jada as Fish Mooney on Gotham, though.

margot-robbie-hd-wallpaper-106754-111997Margot Robbie/Harley Quinn: Aesthetically-speaking this casting is perfect. This Aussie best known for her performance in “Wolf of Wall Street” came out of nowhere. I can definitely see her and Jared Leto having screaming matches and throwing wind-up teeth at each other. There really isn’t much to compare her with. Let’s see how this one works out.

content_picTom Hardy/Rick Flag: WHY??? Was Bane not a big enough character for you to shit all over? I honestly don’t even know who Rick Flag is and I’m still furious! Prove me wrong, Tommy. I dare you.




jai-courtney-die-hard-1280-610x343Jai Courtney/Boomerang: I actually really like this casting. Maybe known for his role as asshole, Varro in “Spartacus: War of the Damned.” He’s always playing dark and gritty characters that I feel deserve more development and backstory. I’m curious to see how Ayer puts this together for him.


_1417563991Cara Delevingne/Enchantress: I have no idea who this is. Evidently she’s cast in the upcoming Peter Pan prequel. (Try saying that 3 times fast.) No judgement will be passed since I really don’t have anything to compare with.



fhd011THP_Viola_Davis_008The role of Amanda Waller (the Nick Fury to The Avengers) for The Suicide Squad still needs to be cast. Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, and Oprah are said to be the top in the running for the role. I’m all in on either Viola Davis or Octavia Spencer. Both are tremendous and spectacular actors. Unless you’re dealing with a Civil Rights movie, we don’t need Oprah.


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