Will “Ready Player One” Be Directed By Christopher Nolan?

christopher-nolan-ready-player-oneThe other day I saw this tantalizing article regarding one of my favorite books of all-time. It’s been over three years since the book was first published and it has since then developed quite the devoted following.

Now I’m hearing that Christopher Nolan is in talks to possibly direct. The script will be penned by Zak Penn. (“The Incredible Hulk,” “X-2,” The Avengers”) Nolan is obviously a phenomenal director capable of developing amazing scripts with the help of his brother, Jonathan.

But… I wouldn’t want Nolan to direct “Ready Player One.”  

If you’ve never heard of the book or don’t remember, read my review on the link on the first paragraph…

Now that you have, do you know who I think should direct instead of Nolan?

jupiter-ascending-wachowski-brothers-new-movie-in-progressTHE WACHOWSKI SIBLINGS! I think they would be perfect considering the Wachowski’s visual style. If you look back at “The Matrix” trilogy and “Cloud Atlas,” and have read the novel, there were locales that could have easily been considered different worlds in The OASIS.

I’ve been nerding out waiting to hear news on a film adaptation based on a book that I actually read first. No matter who ends up directing, I’m salivating at the idea of seeing a visualization of my favorite book.

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