Sony Making Super Mario Bros. Movie

1C5353295-mariobrosmovie.blocks_desktop_mediumHow’s this for conflict of interest?

Many have considered the recent Sony hack to be the mother-load of security breaches; including the secret names actors use while they’re traveling, social security numbers, salaries, even producers talking smack about some of their most profitable clientele.


Naturally I’m only really interested in future project plans that were revealed. The most damning (yes, damning) of them all is the idea that Sony wants to make a “Super Mario Bros.” movie. The 1993 abomination aside, the Super Mario Bros. brand/name is in my opinion, almost as widely recognized as Mickey Mouse. Even if you’ve never picked up a Nintendo controller in your life, I think everyone can recognize the two overall-wearing plumbers from Brooklyn.

It’s still very early in pre-production without any names attached to it. In fact, it’s so early that they’re not even a confirmation that the movie will even get the green light. You can read the article here.

I think the most telling piece of information from the article is that they intend for the film to be animated. Can you imagine a SMB movie looking like Avatar?

SMB creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata both said back in 1993 that they would never again release the rights to anyone again to make a movie. Maybe they’ve had a change of heart if all this is true.

In case you haven’t heard or seen, there’s an amazing fan film series of a very dark and gritty SMB. I highly recommend them.


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