The Interview

The-Interview-2014-Movie-PosterNever in my life has a movie been surrounded by such scrutiny, turmoil, and downright upheaval even before its release. Forget the ratings board, this movie had a nut job with access to nuclear weapons in the real world threatening to take Sony Pictures down. And for a while… he kinda did.

But I’m not gonna go into the real-world consequences that were both upsetting and hilarious depending on how you looked at it. I’m just a movie reviewer…

“The Interview” starring Seth Rogen and James Franco are the lovable producer/TV host duo of a celebrity news show; kinda like TMZ. Suddenly they are given an opportunity to interview Kim Jong Un, ruler of North Korea, only to then be intercepted by the FBI asking them to kill Un while in North Korea.

This is gonna be a very simple review. The movie’s hilarious. The dialogue is vulgar, but smart. The interpretation of making Un like an all-American teenage girl was endearing. This movie is stupid, but I loved the fact that it was stupid. It’s a great movie that you can already stream on X Box Live or YouTube for $6.00 that’s worth every penny.


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