Did We Just Get Introduced To Joker On Gotham?

gotham-the-blind-fortune-teller-preview-promo-feat-imageOn last night’s episode of Gotham, we were introduced to Jerome, the son of a murdered snake handler from the circus that also had “The Flying Grayson’s.” Based on his behavior and appearance, this may have been the introduction to The Joker himself according to the Gotham folklore. If it indeed was The Joker, then it’s kind of a way of the show giving us the finger, right?

Each episode is rumored to contain easter eggs of all the major Batman villains, including The Joker. I haven’t found them all yet, but I thought the most telling was a few weeks ago when there was an episode containing a breakout in Arkham where the patented Joker laugh was heard echoing through the hallway. Now, I’m not sure what to believe.

Jerome is played by Cameron Monaghan, an actor I had never seen or heard of before. Not to say that it’s a problem, my point is that one could argue that he looked the part (wide grin, familiar color scheme in his clothes, and so on) According to IMDB, he will also be in next week’s episode so let’s see what (if any) more clues fans are given to determine if this is truly Gotham’s way of introducing us to the most diabolical nemesis in comics history.

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