Nintendo FINALLY Coming To Mobile Devices!

iPhoneplayingSuperMarioIt’s so crazy that just a few days ago I was writing about how Nintendo could potentially be bought out by Disney in a hypothetical scenario in about ten years. A major part of this hypothetical being possible was because Nintendo tended to shy away from new platforms; including mobile gaming.

That all changed today!

Nintendo just announced its partnership with DeNA, a Japanese mobile giant today, which will give DeNA 1.24% ownership stake on Nintendo and Nintendo a 10% ownership stake on DeNA.

Ultimately, this means that Nintendo-licensed games and characters will be making their way (without hacks needed) to iOS and Android devices!!

Nintendo also declared that this will not be a simple port. I hope to see enhanced graphics, or even “Director’s Cuts” of some of our favorite classics as well as exclusive games in the future. Along with DeNA, Nintendo will be developing brand new apps for support and ease.  This deal gives DeNA access to ALL of Nintendo’s IP (intellectual properties.)

This is huge for Nintendo as a company and makes me sound a little hypocritical from my previous post. But this is obviously the first time Nintendo has given in to obvious pressure from shareholders and fans alike to bring Super Mario to our super-sized smartphones.

Rumor has it now that because of this deal, Nintendo is actually abandoning the “console wars” as it is and going to focus all of their efforts regarding gaming on handhelds and… naturally… mobile devices.

No exact word yet as to when Mario and Luigi along with all their Nintendo brethren will be available, but if Nintendo really intends to catch up with its competitors on the mobile market and are tired of leaving a potential fortune on the table, it’ll be available soon.



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