Kevin Spacey

imagesI want you all to imagine a basic scenario.

There’s a production meeting. The production studio has just green-lit its next project. The purpose of this meeting: to decide/debate over the actor who will play your main character.

Sometimes these meetings are quick and easy. Is the movie about mobsters? Then you’ll likely want Robert DeNiro. You got a movie about a stone-faced assassin or flawed antihero? Let’s see if Jason Statham is available. You got a movie full of physical comedy? My first choice would be to call Jim Carrey. I’ve written before about typecasting.

Now name me an actor who can play absolutely anyone of the aforementioned characters. How about a combination of all of the above?

Enter Kevin Spacey.

Spacey is classically trained from the Julliard School, which is like the Oxford University of the arts. His professional career now has spanned nearly forty years and he has accumulated countless accolades; several Tony Awards, Golden Globes, and two Academy Awards… so far.

usual_suspectsk-pax-poster-202x300I always tell my readers about where I first saw an actor or filmmaker that made me so transfixed with their work. The truth of the matter for Kevin Spacey is that I don’t remember what movie it was for me. Was it when he played Roger “Verbal” Kint in “The Usual Suspects?” Or maybe it was when he played John Doe in “Seven.” Was it as Lester Burnham in the cinematic masterpiece “American Beauty”? Or if you’re not as dedicated to films as I am, you’ve undoubtedly seen him as President Fancis Underwood in “House of Cards” on Netfilx. Recenly, I saw him as the alien, Prot, in “K-Pax.” You don’t even have to see him in order for him to make an impact in a film. Look at his role as the supercomputer GERTY in “Moon,” and that’s only in the last twenty years.

Spacey also has an incredible talent with impersonation. In fact, check out this clip, close your eyes, and tell me you’re not listening to those people he’s impersonating instead of Kevin Spacey himself.

Kevin Spacey’s talent and range is immeasurable as far as I’m concerned. His fearlessness as an actor along with his understanding of character and story make him one of the most versatile actors in the history of Hollywood. I recommend any and all of his films. As long as he’s in the cast, you can’t be disappointed as far as I’m concerned.


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