“Nintendo Playstation” Found

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 7.24.06 PMHave you guys seen this? Sometime last week Terry Diebold, a guy in Philadelphia, unearthed an extremely rare Nintendo Playstation.

What?? A console from an alternate universe, you say?? Not exactly…

This was during an extremely rare time in the early 1990s when Sony and Nintendo were in cahoots together. I didn’t even know that before reading up on this, did you? I didn’t think so.

But the partnership quickly fizzled out. (Sony went on to make the first Playstation.) Only 200 prototypes like the one Terry found were said to have been made. All were believed to have been destroyed. How did he unearth this extremely rare hybrid of video game hardware? Terry worked as a Maintenance Man for Advanta Corporation alongside the former president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Olaf Olafsson.

In all likelihood, Terry will put the console up on eBay, which would likely bring in a pretty penny. Considering that extremely rare games can go for upwards of $35,000, I would imagine that the Nintendo Playstation will go for upwards of $50,000. And it hasn’t even been plugged in yet! I’m sure we’ll find out more soon enough. Check out the video Terry posted on his extremely rare find below.



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