Are We Actually One Giant Step Closer To Learning The Joker’s Identity?

20109_807140699401471_1612756460291295321_nWho is The Joker? Really? Since his first appearance in Batman #1 back in 194o, it still hasn’t been revealed just who the dark prince really is. For over 75 years, it’s just been speculation and theory. The 1988 graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke is the only publication, to date, to give at least some theoretical insight on how and how The Joker came to be. It looks like that’s about to change… It looks like we might be legitimately closer than ever to getting an official answer to the greatest mystery in the history of DC. Here’s how I know we’re close: (Spoilers ahead)

To be completely honest, I don’t read many comic books. (I need to start.) I read lots of graphic novels, though. In any case, Justice League #42 just dropped a major bomb. In a simplified nutshell, Batman sits on this chair that essentially makes him a god. This chair also works like a magic 8 ball on a polygraph because he asks what the “true name” of The Joker is. He gets an answer… Telepathically… His reaction indicates that it might be someone that he knows in a different capacity.



My crackpot theory? I think it’s Thomas Wayne. (Could you imagine???) Stay tuned for any and all updates regarding the makeup removal and reveal of truly the most secret of secret identities of all time.


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