“Deadpool” Trailer Revealed!! (Explicit)

Deadpool-750x472OH JOY!!!

Let’s take a journey back in time together.

I remember when “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” came out back in 2009. The movie was kind of sub-par for the most part. However that glorious elevator scene with Ryan Reynolds (who played a very watered down version of Deadpool) improvising some of the most Hi-larious shit. Before that, he played kind of the same character (bad-ass who can’t shut up) in “Blade: Trinity.” Hell, even when he played the title role in “National Lampoon’s: Van Wilder” I thought to myself, “He needs to play Deadpool.” If you think about it, Deadpool is just an indestructible Van Wilder with guns and swords.

I know I’ve been judgmental about typecasting in the past, however, I will recant that statement for this exception. Fanboys like myself have shouted to the heavens that Reynolds would be the perfect “merc with a mouth.” And we were right.

After what will have been THIRTEEN LONG YEARS, every fanboys’ wish has come true. The Red Band trailer released last night and it’s more than I could’ve ever hoped for. Set for a February 2016 release, the year will be starting off right in what is clearly going to be one of the most-anticipated Marvel and DC movie years ever.



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