Mt. Geekmore: The Peak of Geek Paradise in Podcast Form

CT_1gZjaI’ve been writing reviews for a long time now on this blog. I’ve also done a few Top 10 lists of my own that I will say right now cannot be taken seriously. Why? They’re subjective. They’re subject to change depending on my mood from when I write it or until I see more movies or play more video games or consider anything else pop-culture related. Incidentally, I need to update most of them.

But there is now a surefire way to solidifying the top choices of anything and everything pop-culture related for my childhood. How? Carve them into a mountain. Mt. Geekmore is just the podcast to listen to that does that. The four co-hosts present a topic of pop-culture (usually movie, video game, or TV specific) and they will discuss, debate, and finally insult each other into deciding what goes on their mountain.

I relate to these guys on so many levels. I actually went to college with one of them. I didn’t have any classes with him, I just watched him perform “The Bad Touch” by The Bloodhound Gang every karaoke jam session in the FIU Game Room and Dave & Buster’s circa 2003.

Much like the co-hosts themselves throughout each episode, even in written form, I digress.

A fairly new podcast, their first official episode premiered in October 2015. All of which you can subscribe to and download on iTunes. Since then, they’ve pumped out just over a dozen episodes. What’s great about these guys is how different and widespread their opinions can be on any topic. These aren’t a bunch of geeks saying “yes” to everything in unison. These are a bunch of geeks fighting amongst themselves for their own opinions to be valid by way of vituperation.

The episodes are made up of three main components. The first of which is a segment they simply call “Geek News.” Fake and badly improvised trumpet soundings and all. It updates you on news of the week regarding the rumor mill and confirmations of upcoming movie and television castings and directors, again sprinkled in with more loving insults of each other, their spouses, and their opinions.

The second part is the actual mountain. Before they countdown their lists 4-2, they discuss their parameters or reasoning for how they went about choosing their  mountain. Again, followed by mockery and/or agreement amongst themselves for any particular co-host’s choice.

Before they reveal their #1, they discuss honorable mentions. These are choices that just barely missed the cut of their mountain and they explain why. Then they reveal their #1. As vulgar and distracted as these guys are, they do give very valid and respectable points for every choice that they make regarding their mountains. I found myself googling specific choices they’ve made.

After each co-host states their entire mountain, they recap. Each cohesive choice for each one of their mountains goes on the final mountain. The more matches between them, the higher the ranking. The end all and “definitive” best of the best.

The final part of their show goes into reading the mountains of their listeners. Often times they will match with their own, and sometimes they won’t. Sometimes a listener will mention one that had been completely forgotten by the co-hosts causing them to rethink their mountains. And sometimes (like in my case) they will call you a “copout” when you choose a game that is actually four games in one as a viable choice.

In retaliation, I write them a glowing review promoting them and their show. Because I’m that nice of a guy. So if you’re a child of the 80s and 90s, want to hear four guys geek out in the raunchiest possible way, and will leave you with a sense of nostalgia & inspire you to dust off that old Super Nintendo and/or snipe eBay for one, this is definitely the podcast for you.


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