CWNGndQUEAAc2Q2For those of you who aren’t dorky nerds like I am, “Deadpool” is the story of Wade Wilson. The character colorfully known as “The merc with a mouth” in the Marvel universe was in the film “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Also played by Ryan Reynolds, no less. Let it be known that I will not count that. None of us will count that.

Ryan Reynolds was born to play this Deadpool. His way. Like if Van Wilder were a super saiyan. He nailed it. Right in the chimichangas.

This was shot as if it were the wet dream of every fanboy for the last 10 plus years. So many overly obvious easter eggs, not-so-inside jokes, burns and references to Reynolds himself and his former roles as both “X-Men Origins” Deadpool and “Green Lantern.” Burns on Hugh Jackman. Reynolds broke the fourth wall while breaking the fourth wall. It was like… 16 walls. He references McAvoy and Stewart asking which franchise he was placed in.

Make sure you stay all the way through the credits though for a great surprise. Now stop reading this pretentious review that doesn’t do the movie any justice and go see it! Oh, and I miss the 90s.


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