Joker’s Identity To Be Revealed

jlokerart-2Last summer, I wrote about Justice League #42 and the major bombshell where Batman sat on the Mobius Chair and learns the true identity of The Joker. This past week at WonderCon in San Francisco, Geoff Johns, Justice League writer, revealed that Justice League #50 will indeed reveal the Joker’s true name. Johns gave a very strong hint that the reveal wouldn’t be some name we’ve never heard of, which begs the question and sparks the conspiracy at full-swing yet again. Who is The Joker? What is his connection to the Dark Knight? To Bruce Wayne?? I’m taking all bets!

Who do I think the true Joker is? I think it’s either someone with a direct blood relation to Bruce Wayne (possibly one he didn’t know that he had,) James Gordon Jr., or  the son Alfred never knew he had. Again, taking all bets! Justice League #50 hits newsstands on May 25.


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