Finding Dory(‘s Parents)

Finding_DoryI can’t believe it was 13 years ago that Pixar graced us with “Finding Nemo” and we were introduced to Marlon, Nemo, and several unforgettable characters. Few characters were more unforgettable though, than Dory, the most forgetful character probably in all of Disney. The sweet and caring little fish always offering to help even though it’s her that needs the help. Through the events of “Finding Nemo” (in Pixar fashion) we get introduced to these adorable characters in an amazing world targeted at children, but have powerful adult messages about family, love, loyalty, and perseverance.

“Finding Dory” gives us a deep look into Dory’s early years in a flash of an old memory that she fights to not lose. The sudden memory of Dory’s parents spirals into an obsession with finding them. After convincing Marlon and Nemo to help her, they set off to an aquatic center in California.

Finding-Dory-Hank_1050_591_81_s_c1-1Now the hyper-critical critic in me will tell you that the movie moved quickly because of these incredibly convenient coincidences. Dory remembers her parents came from California, and after 8 seconds of the turtle in the first act, they end up in the exact aquarium where Dory grew up confirmed by the heavenly voice of Sigourney Weaver over the aquarium PA system.

Then there’s the underdeveloped B-story of Marlon and Nemo arguing over whether or not Dory would be able to take care of herself and get herself out of sticky situations on her own. Again, this was just to give these characters screen time, but was often times unnecessary.

The very bright spot in the movie was Hank, the octopus.

Side note, octopi are the NAVY SEALS of the ocean.

“Finding Dory” should really be titled “Finding Dory’s Parents,” but it was nevertheless a cute movie with funny but forgettable one-liners. Not PIXAR’s greatest accomplishment.


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