The Secret Life of Pets

pts_adv1sht5_rgb_0125_7sm2I’ll make this short and sweet: over twenty years after “Toy Story,” the same concept is presented to us with animals. An awesome little dog named Max is having the time of his life with her owner Katie. When Katie is not home, Max converses with his neighboring pet friends with distinct and humorous personality quirks. But when Katie brings home a new dog, Duke, there is a power struggle for territory and Katie’s affection.

When Max and Duke go missing because of a careless dog walker, the other pets must unite and form questionable alliances to bring Max and Duke home. Max and Duke obviously are trying to find their way back themselves, but run into an assortment of problems including a gang of alley cats and a power-hungry bunny.

The voice-acting included an all-star cast including Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, Albert Brooks, and Eric Stonestreet. But what was really impressive throughout the movie for me was the animation and how it showed nearly every facet of New York City.

“The Secret Life of Pets” is a cute and funny movie, but had a very predictable story.


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