“Ready Player One” Trailer Reaction

Back in July, during Comic-Con, the first trailer for “Ready Player One” dropped. It was a magical sight to behold flooded with pop-culture references from the 80’s and 90’s. Too many to count. I have been obsessing over this book for over six years and this was truly one of the first times I’ve ever followed so closely the transformation and adaptation from a book I loved so much into a film that has now become one of the most highly-anticipated movies of my lifetime.

Rumors had been circulating this past week about a new trailer dropping during “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” But luckily, the seemingly ever-growing fans of this universe created by Ernest Cline didn’t have to wait an extra week (for the trailer.) As fans now dissect the trailer frame-by-frame looking for all the Easter eggs, I take a more big picture approach. As painful as it is for me, I don’t do that because I don’t want to stumble across any spoilers.

But wait, you might say to yourself, “How can there be spoilers? You’ve already read the book.” Well, I’ve already noticed a few glaring differences between the book and the film adaptation. This is ALWAYS the case. But I’m not worried. Not one bit. I also like the idea of the movie serving as a giant Easter egg in and of itself for me. I’ve already noticed from watching the trailer at regular speed just twice references to the following movies and video games: King Kong (or Donkey Kong), Gunadm, Chocobo from Final Fantasy, DeLorean’s from “Back to the Future,” “The Iron Giant,” and “Star Wars.”

But you gotta look really careful.

The new trailer is stunning; much darker and ominous than the first. We see exactly how Wade’s (Parzival’s) avatar looks in the OASIS and just how visually spectacular this is going to be. Opening March 30, 2018. As of this posting that’s three months and twenty days.


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