What To Do Next…

thinking-in-a-foreign-language-e1479154410182Being a creative person is frustrating enough as it is. Striving to quench that thirst to keep doing creative things and challenging yourself just adds to that frustration. As 2018 sprints to the finish line, like most people, I find myself looking back on the year. What have I accomplished? What do I want to accomplish for 2019? (Aside from getting married, of course.) How do I give myself reasonable goals and timelines to accomplish the next big thing for me?

Well I already know the answer to that last question. I never give myself reasonable goals or timelines. Honestly, I think it’s a healthy way to keep pushing myself. Yes, it causes some level of stress, but at least I get stuff done.

So much to do and so much on my mind. I’m riding high on my recent film festival win and want to continue to strike while the iron is hot. The weighing question is where to strike and…

What to do next?

My fiancé always tells me to make lists in order to help me organize and prioritize my goals. So I make lists. I make a lot of lists. Most of them I lose or mix up with all the other random Word documents and scraps of paper laying around the apartment. Today being Black Friday, a day where I refuse to drive within an earshot of a shopping mall, I have a few precious spare hours to try to organize what’s in my brain and make an updated list. Luckily writing more on my blog is near the top of my list. (Insert better transitional statement here.)

I recently saw a movie called Julie and Julia. It’s was a biopic based on the lives of American chef Julia Child and Julie Powell, a woman who blogged about her experiences cooking through Child’s cookbook in 2002. The next day my fiancé tells me about how one of her friends started a blog about her experiences as a mother. These back-to-back events really have been weighing on my mind. I’ve had this blog since July of 2009 and have not even come close to the level of exposure I had hoped it would have gotten by now. What am I doing wrong?

I ask you, the reader, to help me decide or organize my priorities as to what I should do next. Should I just stick to writing and not spend time doing anything else? Or should I go back to trying to accomplish some other projects that have been on the back burner for too long?

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