I Made The Local Paper (For Winning LA Crime & Horror Festival!)

Back on November 18, I got word that I had won Best Short Screenplay at the Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival. The news came 19 days after receiving an email on Halloween that my script was one of the finalists. To be honest I had even forgotten that I submitted a script to this back in June of 2018.

I’m going backwards here… how Tarantino of me.

When I returned to work after a too-short of a holiday break, I came across an email from a reporter at The High Point Enterprise, the local paper from where I teach in High Point, NC. The reporter told me that he had heard through the grapevine about my recent win and wanted to talk to me about it. That afternoon, I called him up and we had a pleasant chat for about 40 minutes where I explained to him the concept of my winning script as well as some background information about myself. You can read the full article here.

This is an amazing way for me to kick off 2019. I am more dedicated than ever in pushing harder for continuing to build my portfolio and writing more. I had told the reporter that my end goal is to win an Oscar (which I’m going to do, damn it!) but the more immediate goal now is to get representation. So if you’re an agent and want to rep the next hot screenwriter… I’m right here!


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