Periodic East (My Novel)

Many years ago I got this crazy idea in my head that I would write a novel. Many years ago, I was crazier than I am now because I started (and kept) writing that novel by hand for over seven years in one of those little overpriced Moleskin notebooks that sell at Barnes and Nobles. Love those Moleskin notebooks…

Anyway… I’ve suddenly and unexpectedly come across some extra time on my hands. As luck would have it (although I don’t think it’s appropriate to call it “luck”) so does most of the rest of the world.

So tomorrow (03/18/20) I will post my first chapter of my science-fiction novel “Periodic East.” The story is told from the perspectives of two characters leading very different lives. It’s essentially two stories in one, but they’re connected…

Storyline 1: Set in a dystopian nuclear winter, a quiet man simply known as Tiberius leads a small team of survivors years after a mysterious occurrence simply referred to as “The Blast.”

Storyline 2: Anticipating a grim end as a result from “The Blast,” 74 brilliant minds from around the world were sequestered and launched into a space station Icarus to finally colonize Mars and start a new society, but Icarus has remained docked just outside of Earth’s orbit for six years and mysteriously never started its journey. One of the survivors on board, Sam Ng, lives an unceremoniously boring but comfortable life on board but when Icarus’ supercomputer starts malfunctioning, Sam seems to be the only person who notices.

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