Periodic East, Chapter 30 – A Hospital on Icarus

Icarus, of course, had its own hospital. Here, members of the crew were treated for everything from the sniffles to on-the-job injuries to cancer. So far, no deaths have occurred on Icarus. The hospital consisted of seven doctors varying in different disciplines and specialties. 

There was a very specific reason as to why there were an odd number of doctors on Icarus. Much like The Supreme Court of the United States, back when there was one, any disagreements or debates over what the best course of action when treating a patient can never end in a tie. In all the time since Icarus’ launch, no such disputes had ever occurred. 

Samuel and Jack entered the north wing of Icarus to a set of double doors that simply said “Hospital” as they walked in. To greet them was Dr. Reynolds, a pediatrician who often doubled as a receptionist for Hospital. 

“Good morning, Sam,” he said with bubbly enthusiasm perfect for that of someone who works exclusively with children. He then looked closer at Jack and seemed a little confused. “What can I do for you two today? Or maybe you just came by for one of my specialty lollipops,” he continued. 

“No,” Sam said as he laid his hands on the table and leaned forward. “I need you guys to run a DNA test.”

Dr. Reynolds now looked at Jack more closely and tried to discreetly look through his database but Sam saved him the trouble.

“You won’t find him in your records, Doc, or any records,” Sam began. “That’s why I need you to run a DNA test, and add him to the ship’s database. 

Dr. Reynolds was taken aback. “I can’t just- where did this- who is this person?” Dr. Reynolds finally blurted out. But before Sam or Jack could answer, Dr. Reynolds kept talking. “I can add a baby on the ship’s database, but not an adult. How did he get on board? Who is he?”

“That’s what the DNA test is for,” Jack said startling Dr. Reynolds. “It’s to prove that I’m Samuel Ng’s twin brother.”

“You don’t need a doctor,” Dr. Reynolds said to Sam, “you need security. You also need to inform Captain Bellamy and Dr. Miyaki if you haven’t done so already. In fact, let me do that for you,”

“No!” Jack yelled as Dr. Reynolds started pushing a few buttons on his desk console. This reaction also surprised Sam.

“Jack, he’s right,” Sam began. “We have to inform the captain of your arrival anyways. I just thought,” Sam continued as he now was looking at Dr. Reynolds, “that I could confirm who he is before I tell the captain of his being on board.”

“Are you listening to yourself, Sam? You need to get out of this hospital and inform the captain immediately. If you don’t, I will,” Dr. Reynolds said forcefully. 

Sam suddenly had a change of heart and a realization when he said, “Before I inform the captain, I want to be able to prove to her who this person is. How long does it take to run a DNA test?” 

Dr. Reynolds stared intently at them both as other doctors started to peak their heads out of their offices and examination rooms. 

“How long?” Sam asked again.

“About 30 seconds,” Dr. Reynolds answered sheepishly. 

“Get one of those tests and confirm for me that a miracle has occurred and I have here a member of my family I haven’t seen in over 15 years. Now!” Sam demanded. 

Dr. Reynolds got up from his desk and said, “Wait here.” He stepped into his office momentarily and came back out with a digital pad and a device used to gather and analyze blood. It was a cylindrical tube with a syringe on one end and a button on the other. He looked at both Simon and Jack and took a deep breath. “Left arm, please,” he said in a monotone voice as Jack stood up and extended his left arm. 

Dr. Reynolds quickly injected Jack and held the cylindrical syringe in Jack’s arm for about twenty seconds. Jack’s blood began to fill the syringe as the tube itself began to alternate colors like a disco ball. Once filled, the tube turned a bright white.

Dr. Reynolds then referenced his digital pad. “This is the ship’s database,” he explained. “It has everyone’s DNA signature on file,” as he was looking at Sam. If this is your twin brother,” Reynolds continued, “the signature will be nearly identical to yours and it will tell me if there is a blood relation. It’ll just take another moment.”

Jack sat back down and Sam felt this moment pass at an agonizingly slow speed. He continued to stare at Jack the entire time and Jack looked at him intensely. 

“The results are in,” Dr. Reynolds suddenly said. “The man sitting next to you, Samuel Ng,” he began, “is your twin brother.”

Sam’s reaction was as if he were experiencing the five stages of grief in his head simultaneously. He thought he’d be happy about it, but he deep down he wasn’t, and he couldn’t understand why. Maybe it was because this Jack person looked nothing like Simon Ng. Sam was also confused over how no one else on the ship before this moment seemed to have noticed or questioned him. Even if he had arrived just a few days before, surely someone must’ve noticed him. 

“Now kindly leave the hospital and report to Captain Bellamy and Dr. Miyaki immediately,” Dr. Reynolds said suddenly again as Sam was continuing to go through this impossible scenario in his head. 

“SIS,” Sam began, “where are Captain Bellamy and Kairi Miyaki?”

Those muted clicks again, “Captain Bellamy and Kairi Miyaki are both in Dr. Miyaki’s quarters.”

Sam looked at Jack and stood up. “Follow me,” he said. “I have so many more questions that you need to answer.”

Sam also knew that with the sudden and mysterious appearance of a new person on Icarus without anyone’s knowledge, that for sure Kairi and Captain Bellamy would be convinced that a MAC scrub would be not only possible, but necessary. 

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