Your Three-Act Structure Called Life

I have been very MIA in quite a few months and I’m sure we can all understand why so I’m not going to go into specifics explaining myself. But I’m back now, and I come bearing an idea… a business idea.

And it’s called: “Your Three-Act Structure Called ‘Life'”

My business is to help all aspiring screenwriters bring their stories and screenplays to life. This can be either by providing story consultations to ensure that your story or screenplay follows the proper story format regardless of genre or style; editing drafts of existing stories to ensure that they are polished, pristine, and ready to be sent to agents for consideration or publication; provide instruction on the use of the professional screenwriting software Final Draft; and more.

Some background information on my qualifications: I have a Masters Degree in Motion Picture with a Screenwriting speciality, am a certified to teach secondary (high school) English in two states. I’m on my fifth year of teaching but have taught Creative Writing for the last two years, and have won or placed as a finalist in several screenwriting festivals over the years.

Many freelancers and entrepreneurs use this website called UpWork, where depending on you, can either hire or find work in a variety of fields and professions.

If you use UpWork or are interested in using UpWork, you can find my profile here.

You can also email me at

Rates are negotiable and vary based on the size and scope of the project and references available upon request.


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