The Last Blockbuster

Picture it: anywhere in America, mid 1990s. You’re a teenager at the cusp of society deciding for you where you are going to land on the social-dynamic food chain. It’s Friday night. You just finished a rough week of navigating the concrete jungle known as high school. What are you going to do?

Well if you were anything like me and pretty much any other teenager in the mid 90’s, you asked your mom to drive you to the local Blockbuster Video to rent a movie and/or video game so that you’ll-not only have something to do on a Friday night-but you’ll also have something to talk about on Monday.

Your average Blockbuster Video was about the size of an average fast food joint. The smell of popcorn, sour candies, and low-grade carpet shampoo fill your nostrils as your eyes are met with categorized metal shelving of movies by genre and release date.

For many, it was an anthropological marvel of people of all shapes, sizes, classes, and creeds all in one communal place with one (primary) question in mind: what VHS or DVD case was going to call to their attention this time?

“The Last” Blockbuster,” directed by Taylor Morden, tells the story of how this fairytale franchise won its place in all of our hearts with nostalgic reminiscing by a slew of actors, comedians, and filmmakers most popular of that era.

But the history of how this franchise came to be and how it blew up as one of the most successful businesses of the late 20th century is just part of this story. The documentary focuses on Sandi Harding; the last manager of the last remaining Blockbuster Video located in Bend, Oregon, and her fight to keep the store open for the town.

It is a cute little documentary filled with nostalgia that will restore your faith in humanity.

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