Introducing My Coverfly Page

Summer vacation: a time to be bestowed upon sniffly-aged kids wanting nothing more than to go catatonic in front of their smartphones and eat pizza for breakfast. But for teachers like me, summer vacation consists of exactly those things with about three dozen passion project ideas barricading through my cerebral cortex trying to get to the front of the line and stay there long enough to keep my ADHD at bay.

This summer, as you can probably imagine, warrants something a little extra. With this past school year being a psychological gauntlet for teachers and students alike, it’s no wonder I want to do something extra extra. And I figured what would be a really good idea is to try to start fresh again. To take a long, hard look at what little I have been able to accomplish beyond survival this past year and re-introduce it to the six and a half people that read my posts regularly, and more importantly, introduce my work in a unique way to many more people and hopefully keep their attention.

For the past decade since completing my Master’s Degree, I have written and submitted several of my screenplays to dozens of festivals around the country. Many of which have actually done quite well and I have received significant recognition and accolades for my work.

However, the elusive goal of having any of my scripts optioned, sold, and produced continues to allude me like a thief in the night. Nevertheless, I soldier on, honestly feeling not as defeated or deterred as I believed I would be by this time. (The accolades do help.)

I am able to manage, edit, update, research, and submit my screenplays to festivals around the country using Coverfly.

Here are the following scripts I have on display on my Coverfly page at the time of this post:

  1. “Ripper”: The never-before-told true story about a rookie cop from Scotland Yard and his hunt for the elusive, gruesome, and brilliant Jack the Ripper. (Top 15% Finalist, Nicholls 2013; Official Selection, PitchWeek 2020)

2. “Lapse” (Feature and Short): After being beaten within an inch of his life and left for dead, Andrew wakes up in the hospital with a rare form of amnesia where he only remembers what caused the amnesia and nothing else. When everyone around him tells him a different cause for the amnesia with each passing day, Andrew must figure out if those around him are trying to prevent him from really remembering anything about his past and why. (Winner, LA Crime & Horror Film Festival 2018 [Short]; Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Horror Festival 2019 [Feature])

3. “Rompecabezas”: After finding a plastic bag filled with puzzle pieces, a clever and determined little girl pieces together her mysterious and terrifying future. (Finalist, WildSound Screenplay Festival 2020)

(No Image)

4. “Stray”: A career criminal and veteran detective square off over a tragic accident. (Festival Results Pending)

(No Image)

5. “A Thousand Words”: Desperate for a Prom date, Nicholas goes to extremes to track down his mysterious dream girl that he sees in a photograph. (Winner, Miami International Film Festival Screenwriting Competition 2011)

You can also read additional information about me, my work, and contact information through my Coverfly.

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