The Matrix Resurrections

When I saw the first The Matrix in 1999, I was a freshman in high school. A movie that went on to win numerous awards including four Oscars. It was recognized as the dawn of a new Renaissance in visual storytelling and effects while also showing that those eye-candy movies can also have just as much heart and emotion; a symbiotic relationship between the characters and the audience. I’m able to recognize and appreciate all that now, but back then when it first came out, that simple line delivered so dryly yet humorously by Keanu Reeves, (“I know Kung Fu.”) is all it took back then to hook me in.

Twenty-two years later, The Matrix has changed. Neo has… reverted? I guess you could say. But one thing is certain, the original writers and directors of The Matrix trilogy have not lost a step in immersing you back into the world they created and it felt like being reunited with old friends and family members… and we all know that feeling of being separated from friends and family a little too well these days.

Some minor spoilers ahead.

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