Quill Tattoo

Over the holiday break while visiting family, I decided to get my second tattoo. I had come up with concept a little over a year before (shortly after my first tattoo) and my fiancé drew the original sketch. It is a quill design that breaks apart at the tip of the feather and transitions into a raven flying away. Below the tip of the quill are two ink blots. This is obviously symbolic of my passion for classic stories, writing, storytelling, and my enthusiasm for Edgar Allan Poe. As of the date of this post, I don’t plan on getting anymore tattoos. But my friends warned me that getting tattooed can become addicting…

My amazing tattoo was done by Uruguayan tattoo artist known as Jhonny Tantan at Dharma Tattoo in Miami Springs. 

New “Ready Player One” Trailer

The feels…

My 2018 Oscar Predictions

Here is the list of 2018 Oscar nominations and my predictions. I have seen some of the films nominated, but not all. My choices of the movies I’ve seen will be in yellow text. If I haven’t seen the movie, my educated guesses will be in navy blue. (As of the day of this post.) (more…)

Joaquin Phoenix In Talks To Play Joker In Standalone Movie

According to several reports, Joaquin Phoenix is rumored to play The Joker in a DC standalone film with Todd Phillips attached to produce and direct. This comes as quite a surprise since I had been hearing that Martin Scorsese was supposedly attached with Leonardo DiCaprio in negotiation to play the lead.

This is all still in the very early stages and WB has not commented. But if we follow my UHMC philosophy, I think Phoenix is a fine choice for the clown prince. My larger concern is Todd Phillips as director. Time will certainly tell in the coming months the rest of the cast and crew. I estimate that the film would release in 2020.

I’ll keep you posted.

My (and I can’t stress this enough) My Top 10 Animated Disney Movies of All Time

The name Walt Disney is a name that is recognized unequivocally throughout the world. Since the 1928 release of “Steamboat Willie,” which introduced us to Mickey Mouse, both man and mouse have become synonymous with each other.

Even before Pixar, Disney was already pumping out animated masterpieces for nearly eighty years. Two of the staples that makes Disney films timeless are their incredible stories (often adapted from a previous original work) and its timeless music. I considered both according to my personal preferences when making this list. Here are my top 10 favorite animated (non CGI) Disney films. As always, I make no apologies.  (more…)

About Me (A “My Three-Act Structure Called ‘Life'” Production)

I am in pursuit of networking opportunities. So I will also use this post as a shameless self-promotion and introduction of my work and how I want it to grow along with, you know…

So for those of you who are being introduced to me for the first time because one of my dear friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter decided to share this post with you, I’d first like to say, “Howdy.” (which I never really say.)

I’m a Miami man-child and award-winning screenwriter who somehow drove (and moved) cross-country twice in the last five years. Miami will always be my home, but for now, the rent is much cheaper somewhere in North Carolina. But don’t worry, I make that 15-hour drive at least twice a year back home where I can see my parents and get my fill of tostones and croquetas de jamón.

I am optimistic someone in the Miami film scene will read this. I am recruiting a film crew; actors, producers, DP, directors, editors, sponsors, the whole Megillah in the hopes that I can increase exposure, bring another one of my screenplays to life, and submit it to as many film festivals as I can.

So if you’ve gotten this far, you might be asking yourself, “What kind of a screenwriter is he?”

I’m glad you asked. Here are two of my most noteworthy credits:

I won The Miami International Film Festival Screenwriting Contest for my romantic comedy “A Thousand Words” straight out of film school after earning my Masters in film with a screenwriting specialization. After winning, I wrote some spec scripts for “Modern Family” and “American Dad.”

Then I was a top 15% finalist in The Nicholl’s Fellowship for my historical fiction thriller “Ripper” based on an obsessed rookie cop who followed Jack the Ripper during his killing spree in 1888 London.

I have a passion and knowledge for storytelling of several genres.

And I am recruiting local Miami fellow filmmakers to produce my new script, a horror called “Lapse” beginning summer 2018.

I look forward to working together. Feel free to comment below or contact me via Facebook or Twitter where I can see your reel and learn a little more about you.


“Ready Player One” Trailer Reaction

Back in July, during Comic-Con, the first trailer for “Ready Player One” dropped. It was a magical sight to behold flooded with pop-culture references from the 80’s and 90’s. Too many to count. I have been obsessing over this book for over six years and this was truly one of the first times I’ve ever followed so closely the transformation and adaptation from a book I loved so much into a film that has now become one of the most highly-anticipated movies of my lifetime.

Rumors had been circulating this past week about a new trailer dropping during “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” But luckily, the seemingly ever-growing fans of this universe created by Ernest Cline didn’t have to wait an extra week (for the trailer.) As fans now dissect the trailer frame-by-frame looking for all the Easter eggs, I take a more big picture approach. As painful as it is for me, I don’t do that because I don’t want to stumble across any spoilers.

But wait, you might say to yourself, “How can there be spoilers? You’ve already read the book.” Well, I’ve already noticed a few glaring differences between the book and the film adaptation. This is ALWAYS the case. But I’m not worried. Not one bit. I also like the idea of the movie serving as a giant Easter egg in and of itself for me. I’ve already noticed from watching the trailer at regular speed just twice references to the following movies and video games: King Kong (or Donkey Kong), Gunadm, Chocobo from Final Fantasy, DeLorean’s from “Back to the Future,” “The Iron Giant,” and “Star Wars.”

But you gotta look really careful.

The new trailer is stunning; much darker and ominous than the first. We see exactly how Wade’s (Parzival’s) avatar looks in the OASIS and just how visually spectacular this is going to be. Opening March 30, 2018. As of this posting that’s three months and twenty days.