Iyagikkun Episode 1

Happy New Year all! This is the first official episode of my podcast series about my life as a struggling screenwriter. More episodes to come in the near future. Let me know what you all think as well as ideas for future episodes.

Iyagikkun Episode 0

Here is the first episode of my podcast “Iyagikkun.” The Korean word for “storyteller,” “iyagikkun” that discusses my story as an aspiring screenwriter and filmmaker. I have future episodes planned and hope to post another episode soon. I promise.

Tae Kwon Dope Reviews

Here are my first three episodes of Tae Kwon Dope Reviews. Have a look at this awkwardness and comment on what I should review next.

What To Do Next…

thinking-in-a-foreign-language-e1479154410182Being a creative person is frustrating enough as it is. Striving to quench that thirst to keep doing creative things and challenging yourself just adds to that frustration. As 2018 sprints to the finish line, like most people, I find myself looking back on the year. What have I accomplished? What do I want to accomplish for 2019? (Aside from getting married, of course.) How do I give myself reasonable goals and timelines to accomplish the next big thing for me?

Well I already know the answer to that last question. I never give myself reasonable goals or timelines. Honestly, I think it’s a healthy way to keep pushing myself. Yes, it causes some level of stress, but at least I get stuff done.

So much to do and so much on my mind. I’m riding high on my recent film festival win and want to continue to strike while the iron is hot. The weighing question is where to strike and…

What to do next? (more…)

2018 LA Crime & Horror Festival

I have some very exciting news. My short script “Lapse” was named the winner of the 2018 LA Crime & Horror Festival! “Lapse” is a script I had been toying with for the last few years. It started out as a short and since then I have reimagined and also written it as a feature-length script, though I haven’t submitted the feature-length to any festival… yet.

This is also very meaningful to me because it’s the first script that I write and submit since the passing of my mentor, Robert Keats.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to travel to LA to accept my award and network. But a good friend and film school compadre did go on my behalf, which was very sweet and supportive of him to do. A spokesman from the festival did say that he would mail my prize to me.

In the meantime, there’s no slowing down now. I have several other scripts naturally already in the works as well as some other creative projects I’m trying to put out there.

I know that I haven’t posted much recently, but I have been very busy. I do plan on posting more as part of my creative project endeavors so please stay tuned.

My Updated List of Top Twenty Movies That Have Impacted My Life (October 2018)

Back in March of 2013, I wrote a post about my top 10 movies that I’ve seen in my lifetime. I recently came across that 2013 post again and realized that it was in need of a serious update. And that’s natural, right? God knows how many movies I’ve seen in the last five and a half years alone. I decided to take a deep look into my subconscious and come to a clear and consensus agreement with myself over which films have been life-altering for me and try to explain to you the reasons why in the most concise way possible. These are the types of movies that I will always watch if I catch it on TV as I’m channel surfing or will randomly pop it into my Blu-Ray player on a lazy, rainy, Sunday afternoon.

As always, feel free to comment, question, or ridicule my choices. I make no apologies. So let’s get this show on the road. (more…)

“Joker” Teaser Trailer, Production Shoot, and Update

Back in February, I mentioned that Joaquin Phoenix had been in negotiations to play the clown prince of darkness in a stand-alone Joker film. Evidently I was right and it looks like we’ll be getting the movie earlier than I had originally anticipated. With an October 4, 2019 release date according to Variety.com, it’s a full year earlier than what I had estimated.

Look, I just saw this video about two hours ago when I got off work. I’m not sure what to think. Except I know it looks better than Jared Leto’s Joker already. But I, and millions of other Batman universe fans, am forced to give an unfair and nearly impossible expectation when comparing it to Heath Ledger’s performance in Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece.

I know it’s unfair, but can you blame me?

I will say this, however. Joaquin Phoenix is in my opinion a wonderful and underrated actor. I think he may surprise a lot of people with his performance. Whether or not it’s going to be a pleasant surprise or not, only time will tell.

Rest assured that once a full trailer goes up, probably by spring 2019, I’ll be sure to report back to you.