Your Three-Act Structure Called Life

I have been very MIA in quite a few months and I’m sure we can all understand why so I’m not going to go into specifics explaining myself. But I’m back now, and I come bearing an idea… a business idea.

And it’s called: “Your Three-Act Structure Called ‘Life'”


My First Live Show Interview

Back on April 17, I had my first live show interview through Facebook called Bridging The Gap hosted by Devin Saylor and Loren Gullifer (simply referred to as “Coach.”) On the show, we talked about my podcast, the writing process as a whole, and several other aspects of filmmaking and screenwriting, martial arts, and more. I was honestly a little nervous at first-like the way I feel on the first day of school and have a new roster of students. But it was a lot of fun and it was kind of cool having to respond to questions and comments arriving in real-time to the show.

The show ran just over an hour and you can watch on Facebook here.




Periodic East Update

I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me through this crazy idea I had about posting a chapter a day of my science fiction novel that I started writing by hand over seven years ago. Though the story isn’t finished, I am going to hold off from posting another chapter for a couple of days so that I can figure out how I want the story to continue. I have ideas, it’s just a matter of making a decision as to which would be best.

If you’re not caught up or haven’t even started, I’m sure most of you have some extra time on your hands.

I’ve sacrificed time I would’ve been using to record episodes of my podcast to transcribe, write, edit, and post these chapters, but I think I’m going to spend time working on the podcast again as well as try to finish up some screenplays.

Stay safe out there.

Periodic East, Chapter 32 – Finding The Note

Daniel, Miles, and I returned from our supply excursion. I could tell he was a little restless, but Daniel kept his word about only foraging what he could reach and not climb any tree or reach for a fruit dangling from a branch off a cliff. Our haul was honestly not nearly as much as we usually gather, but our group was now far fewer in numbers, we honestly still had supplies to last us for a week, and our new living conditions vastly improved, which made morale skyrocket.  (more…)

Periodic East, Chapter 31 – Initiating a MAC Scrub

This would be the first time that Sam would be inside Kairi’s quarters since he spent the night with her. Even though it was just a few nights ago, for Sam it felt like it had been weeks. As Sam and Jack were walking through the halls of Icarus, Sam and Jack passed other members of the crew. The member of the crew were trying poorly to hide their stares, but Sam noticed that most of the stares were directed at him and not the new fully-formed adult that found his way on board still without explanation. 

Sam ignored this realization and explained it away in his mind by concluding that it was just slight paranoia brought on by tremendous amounts of stress. Stress that was absolutely warranted in his mind. 

Both men reached Kairi’s door to her quarters and Sam took a deep breath before speaking. “These two are the most important and powerful on board Icarus,” he began. “What I’m about to ask of them has never been done before and it’s the second time I ask in the last few hours. Treat them both courteously and respectfully, do you understand?” (more…)

Periodic East, Chapter 30 – A Hospital on Icarus

Icarus, of course, had its own hospital. Here, members of the crew were treated for everything from the sniffles to on-the-job injuries to cancer. So far, no deaths have occurred on Icarus. The hospital consisted of seven doctors varying in different disciplines and specialties. 

There was a very specific reason as to why there were an odd number of doctors on Icarus. Much like The Supreme Court of the United States, back when there was one, any disagreements or debates over what the best course of action when treating a patient can never end in a tie. In all the time since Icarus’ launch, no such disputes had ever occurred.  (more…)

Periodic East, Chapter 29 – A New Daniel In Our New Home

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Daniel was no longer 84, he looked 24. His piercing green eyes and his voice, though much more youthful sounding obviously, was still the same. The people that remained in our camp marveled and looked towards Oscar who was standing about fifty feet back observing and made their way towards it. They were chanting, praying, declaring Oscar as God. Some even fell to their knees and tried to kiss its odd-looking feet. 

But Oscar was completely confused by this reaction and continued taking steps backwards trying to avoid any contact with any of us. 

“Wait!” I called out as I looked at Daniel who was still marveling at his new self. “Let’s have Daniel ask it why it did this,” I said.  (more…)

Periodic East, Chapter 28 – The Last Thing I Remember

“The last thing I remember,” Jack concluded, “was President Eastman giving me his pod.” When he finished his story, Jack looked deep into his brother’s eyes. 

“This is impossible,” Sam began, “what you’re telling me happened six years ago. Even in hyper sleep, you wouldn’t have survived this long. And why do you look like that? You look nothing like Simon, and why identify yourself as Jack?” Sam rattled on, the tone in his voice matching the growing rage on his face. “You’re not my brother,” Sam concluded, “you’re an imposter. You’re a stowaway who has managed to sneak aboard Icarus only to fuck with my head.” Sam pushed a button on his desk console. “Get out of my office and go fuck yourself.” (more…)

Periodic East, Chapter 27 – Six Years Ago (Part 4) Simon Ng’s Decision

The four men entered a room about the size of a small walk-in closet. A sole console with only one large button was at the center. They all stared at the button momentarily in silence. Simon didn’t know it yet, but the other three men, the three highest-ranking political figures left on the planet, knew exactly what it was. It was what would stop reality forever. 

“How is this supposed to work?” Simon asked. 

“Don’t ask questions, just be thankful,” Vice President Sans snapped. 

“Quiet, Patrick; show some respect,” President Eastman snapped back. Sans remained quiet and the four men continued to stare in silence for another minute. 

“Mr. President,” General Keats began, “you are the only person who can press that button, sir.” (more…)

Periodic East, Chapter 26 – New Pecking Order

“Leader? So their leader is nearby? How many more are there around here?” I asked. But Daniel was already asleep in a makeshift recliner. He needed the rest but no one else could communicate with the alien. He seemed docile enough; more curious than threatened. Like how an old dog would react when a kitten is brought home. 

The people that were with me were already starting to explore this subterranean civilization, though I wasn’t sure exactly how it got here. From the looks of it, it would’ve taken hundreds of people working around the clock to get something like this up and running. Or for all I knew it was done by the alien in an instant; I just didn’t know. 

The alien walked around quietly just watching everyone. After about an hour, everyone seemed to have come to the conclusion that the alien wasn’t going to hurt anybody, he just seemed to want to study us.  (more…)