LeBron Being A Punk

lebron_crybaby_bigReports are circulating that Xavier Forward, Jordan Crawford dunked on LeBron James at LeBron’s own skills basketball camp.  But you won’t find this feat on any YouTube or ESPN website even though there were at least two professionals recording the pickup game where this occurred.  Shortly after LeBron got dunked on, he spoke to a Nike representative and then immediately had all the tapes of Crawford’s accomplishment confiscated.

I’m sorry, but Michael Jordan’s been dunked on, Kobe’s been dunked on, and even Shaq’s been dunked on… during NBA games!  So why is LeBron being such a sore loser obsessed with his image that he can’t have a sense of humor about himself and let Crawford have his standard 15 minutes of fame in the 21st century that we’re all entitled to?  I doubt very much that Nike would pull their $100,000,000 contract and endorsement deals with LeBron just for getting dunked on.  I can think of bigger reasons why he would lose his contract… like not being able to get past the Orlando Magic for one…

Comic Books As Experimental Film Media

imagesComics, or the concept of little animated squares in your daily newspaper, have been around almost as long as mass-printed newspapers themselves.  Over the last seven decades, comics and comic books have evolved into multi-billion dollar franchises that have launched the careers of writers, artist, video game designers, and movie directors.

Today, in 2009, a year where the printed word is on life support as newspapers struggle to stay afloat and bookstores and libraries dangle by an even thinner thread because of the massive development of the World Wide Web, comic book developers have looked to other mediums to keep their artistic form of storytelling not only alive, but also thriving. As mentioned, the film director is one type of artist that has thrived because of stories already immortalized through comic books.  Just like any other medium adaptation, he has very important decisions to make regarding how he wants to show his vision and interpretation to the moviegoers.  The director now has a very delicate balancing act on his hands because when making a movie based on stories that have such dedicated followers, his choice to follow the original storyline or not becomes a form of interpretive Russian roulette.
Comic books were first printed as a collection of duplicates of old newspaper comics.  It wasn’t until (more…)

What Language Does Miami Speak?


Have you ever seen those dos equis beer commercials?  They have a spokesman referred to only as ‘the most interesting man in the world.’  Each commercial shows how he is so amazing and interesting.  The most recent commercial that I saw proclaimed that ‘he spoke Russian in French.’  That got me thinking about how the language spoken in Miami is somewhat of a conundrum.  I say ‘In Miami, everyone speaks Spanish in English.’ (more…)

Slowly But Surely…

I’m still working on my 25-page midterm paper which is due in 9 days.  The deadline is sneaking up on me.  I just finished the 10th page of the first draft which means I’m less than half way done writing it, but at least I think I got the initial bulk and worst of it out of the way which is just figuring out how to get the essay rolling.  If y’all want, I’ll post the whole thing up when I’m done and create a new ‘Research’ category for my blog.

This reads more like a Twitter update than a blog post, but since I don’t have Twitter, (since I don’t have a legion of followers) this will have to do.

Back to work…

Okay, so now that I got my page up again and posted a few things, I can get back to working on my midterm paper.  25 pages by July 11 based on Comic Books as Film Experimental Media.  Interesting topic to read about, but actually writing it… it’s getting very frustrating.  My paper is going to address the director and their decisions over whether or not to follow the original storyline when the film is made and the pros and cons of doing so and how it effects the die-hard fan when compared to box office earnings.

Wish me luck…